Silver Spring Aluminum Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp - 600 lb Capacity
Portable Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps Available In Various Sizes

These portable wheelchair ramps by Silver Spring have a unique design which allows them to fold up into one quarter of their size for easy storage and transportation. With a 600 lb capacity, these lightweight aluminum ramps are used for loading power wheelchairs and scooters into vehicles and navigating stairs and curbs. The ramps are made from lightweight aluminum and are covered with a grip tape surface to provide traction in all weather conditions. Each breaks down or folds up to a compact size and can easily be carried by the integrated rubber handle. Available in seven different sizes.

  • Made of 'no rust' lightweight aluminum - 600 lb capacity
  • Covered with high-traction surface for safety
  • Unique hinge folds to 1/4 of its original size
  • Breaks down into two easy-to-carry pieces
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Velcro latches keep ramps folded during transportation
  • Included steel security pins allow ramps to be anchored
  • 1-3/4" side rails keep wheels on ramp
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Weight Folded Size Status Price Quantity
WCMF-5 5' 32 lbs, 16 lbs per section 35" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-6 6' 37 lbs, 18-1/2 lbs per section 41" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-7 7' 42 lbs, 21 lbs per section 47" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-8 8' 52 lbs, 26 lbs per section 53" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-9 9' 56 lbs, 28 lbs per section 58" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-10 10' 63 lbs, 31.5 lbs per section 64-1/2" x 16" x 9"
Ships today!

WCMF-12 12' 82 lbs, 41 lbs per section 77" x 16" x 9"
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Roll over stairs, up to a ledge, or into a vehicle with Silver Spring portable scooter ramps. Each wheelchair ramp has a multi-folding design, allowing it to fold down into only 1/4 of its usable size, making the ramp easy to store or carry. Once folded, pulling the safety release pin allows the portable wheelchair ramps to be split into two feather-light sections, each with its own comfortable carrying handle. Velcro latches ensure that the wheelchair ramps don't unfold when they're not needed. When the scooter ramps are needed, setting them up is simple.

With the ability to hold up to 600lbs, and a large, angled lip, these portable wheelchair ramps are sturdy and safe. Preventing slips and falls, the lip of the scooter ramp is serrated, and the surface of the ramp has a grip tape covering. Ensuring that the wheelchair, powerchair, or mobility scooter stays on the suitcase ramp are 1-3/4" tall side rails. For extra stability, the top lip of the wheelchair ramp has mounting holes, allowing the ramp to be pinned into place with included hardware. Constructed of aluminum, these lightweight wheelchair ramps are rustproof. Multiple lengths are available to fit any application, and all of the scooter ramp models are backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Ramp Application Guide

Item Number Description Max Rise
Max Rise
Max Rise
WCMF-5 5' Wheelchair Ramp 5" 10" 15"
WCMF-6 6' Wheelchair Ramp 6" 12" 18"
WCMF-7 7' Wheelchair Ramp 7" 14" 21"
WCMF-8 8' Wheelchair Ramp 8" 16" 24"
WCMF-9 9' Wheelchair Ramp 9" 18" 27"
WCMF-10 10' Wheelchair Ramp 10" 20" 30"
WCMF-12 12' Wheelchair Ramp 12" 24" 36"
600 lbs
14-5/8" W x 2-1/4" L

Product Features

  • Provides a quick to setup, portable way for those in mobility scooters and wheelchairs to get over steps and ledges or into vehicles
  • Custom engineered dual folding hinge system collapses ramp to 1/4 of its usable size for ease of storage and transport while providing superior loading stability.
  • Ramp separates into 2 easy to carry pieces with the pull of a safety latch
  • Each ramp half includes a comfortable carrying handle
  • Simple to use Velcro latches keep ramps folded while transporting them
  • Serrated top lip prevents slips
  • Grip tape covered surface provides excellent traction in all weather conditions
  • 1-3/4" parallel rails safely guide scooters and wheelchairs up the ramp
  • Built in mounting holes allow the wheelchair ramps to be anchored in place with included hardware
  • Aluminum construction won't rust, and is light-weight making the portable wheelchair ramps easy to handle
  • 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', and 10' Lengths to choose from
  • 600 lb load capacity


Instruction Manual


How To: Determine Proper Wheelchair Ramp Length
Track Ramps vs. Full-Width Wheelchair Ramps

Review Summary (Based on 39 Reviews)



Vivian from MT wrote (March 23, 2015):

My husband is an artist. We travel to art shows with a trailer. The backdrops, stands, chairs, carpet, etc needed to set up the display, as well as the art, have to be unloaded and moved into the buildings. We have only used the ramp once, but it made unloading the trailer so much easier on our old backs. Time will tell how well it holds up, but right now we are very happy!

5 Stars Finally an affordable ramp!!!

Rita from VA wrote (March 18, 2015):

So glad we found your website and ordered this ramp! Now Hubby doesn't have to miss a lot of events because he couldn't take his Hoveround with us. We are avid campers, but never had a way to take his chair with us. We can use this (8-foot) ramp to load his chair in the camper door and haul it wherever we go! I ordered the ramp on a Friday and it was delivered early in the morning of the following Wednesday! That's what I call service! I unpacked the ramp, took it apart in two sections and carried them to the camper. I was able to put the sections back together and put the ramp in the doorway of our 5th wheel by myself in just a few minutes, and I'm a 70 year old woman! My husband was so surprised when he got home - he couldn't believe I was able to do this alone. We are very happy with this ramp!

5 Stars Very well made and easy to assemble

Tom from AL wrote (March 12, 2015):

This ramp will work great for my 95 year old mother-in-law who is in a wheelchair. Before this she had to step up 2 steps into our house risking a fall each time. This ramp will solve that problem. So far looks like a very good product

5 Stars Simply PERFECT!

Laura from IN wrote (March 01, 2015):

Our 9ft ramp is perfect in helping me transport my husband, in his wheelchair, when we need to go out. This portable ramp folds nicely and stores easily. We've had the ramp for 2 months and have to say, it's been the best purchase we've made in a very long time. Discount Ramps also has an awesome Sales/Customer Service team. I had lots of questions before my purchase and found the most helpful and pleasant woman to answer them.

5 Stars Ramp Review

Kaleel Rahaim from MS wrote (February 19, 2015):

My wife has ALS and the new ramp expands her mobility. It was well made, economical and easy to install and take down. If I have future needs, DiscountRamps will be the first web site that I visit.

5 Stars These ramps are great

Candy from IN wrote (February 02, 2015):

I have MS and have trouble getting out of my house. My husband set up this ramp in less than 5 minutes. He was impressed with how light the ramp was. We can now take it to our kids houses so I can go.visit them. Iq would purchase this ramp again.

5 Stars Good quality ramp

Frank from TX wrote (January 28, 2015):

I got the 8 foot ramp for loading my wife's scooter into our truck when we go on outings. This is a quality ramp and is very easy to set up and use.

5 Stars Easy to use and stable

Bob from NC wrote (January 19, 2015):

Bought this for a wheelchair bound family member who is visiting our non-handicap friendly home. It has worked perfectly for us light, yet durable and stable on the steps and easy to set up and take down. Great product for a situation like ours.


Robert H. Dunn, 111 from VA wrote (January 17, 2015):

My ageing father was some difficult getting down the 6" step with his walker, from his porch to the walk-way and I need to find the right ramp for him. I looked at all those available, this one did the job and then some. It is everything you said it would be. Many of us have parents living in older homes and surfaces change over the years. The walk way is slate, not very flat. Had I bought the ramp that was ridged, which I thought would be the safest, it would not have done the job I needed. It is strong and light wieght easy to carry if needed. Check your surfaces be for you buy. I believe this one will suit any job. As for Discount Ramps service, I ordered the ramp on Saturday 1-10-15 and by Thursday 1-15-15 it was at my house. Now that's service, I should know, I'm a truck driver. By Friday morning dad was walking up and down his ramp having a ball. Thanks Discount Ramps. RD

5 Stars Portable 10

Sheri from CO wrote (January 14, 2015):

We bought this ramp for my boyfriend after an accident that left him in a wheelchair until he recovers from his injuries. It has worked very well for us to get from the house to the garage and vice versa. It is a very durable ramp that serves our needs very well.

5 Stars Great quality and value

Joel B. from WI wrote (January 14, 2015):

Lightweight, high strength aluminum with anti-slip surface. Couldn't be better. I highly recommend these ramps. I purchased two of them and would do so again in a heartbeat. Buying them cost the same as one months rental from medical supply house.

5 Stars Met expectations

george from FL wrote (January 14, 2015):

Needed a wheel chair ramp for my wife to enter and exit the house, and this really fit the bill, lightweight, strong,easy to get in place, and most of all, very well priced. Thanks to you folks for meeting my expectations

5 Stars Great Ramp/ Even better price

Ron from WA wrote (January 08, 2015):

Installed within 5 minutes of opening the box. Works great additionally the best pricing I could find anywhere. Well done.

5 Stars Great product which meet our need perfectly

Michael from NC wrote (December 30, 2014):

Our church group purchased this ramp for one of our youth members recovering from a motorcycle accident. We bought the 8ft ramp to bridge to porch steps and the ground. It was amazingly light enough to carry and easy to install. Plus, we will be able to reuse in ministry to meet another's need once this need is complete. Very durable and solid construction. Price was competitive.

5 Stars great product/great price

Deborah from MI wrote (December 29, 2014):

I ordered on the 9th of December and received it on the 15th. I ordered this because my husband had a stroke and I wanted something that could be put away when we didn't need it. I used it when I took my husband to our nieces for Christmas eve and I had no problems putting it up and taking it down. Very easy and not that heavy. fits perfectly in my car and I can even put in the wheel chair with out taking up all the room in our traverse. I'm glad I decided to get the portable one. I use it in the garage and that way no one knows there is a handicapped person in the home. The way people are today, you have to be very careful. Hopefully my husband won't need this long term and if he doesn't I will loan it out to anyone who may need a portable ramp. Good product, reasonable price and the customer service very helpful and very pleasant to talk to.

5 Stars 10-foot ramps

Chris from CA wrote (December 28, 2014):

It works great for my mother-in-law when she visits us who uses a walker but will eventually be using a wheelchair. On the days she isn't using it, my grandkids use it as a ramp for their scooters.

5 Stars Awesome Ramp

Ray Cash from AR wrote (December 25, 2014):

This 6 foot ramp opens up new possibilities! It stores compactly and is light weight so we can take it with us. I plan to buy another longer one for a different area.

5 Stars Works well for me!

Sandy from CA wrote (December 24, 2014):

This ramp makes it so much easier to use my electric scooter! I bought the ramp when I was planning to visit colleges with my son. All of the college tours are "walking" tours, and the ramp made it possible for me to bring my scooter on the trip and do the tours with my son. It was easy for him to unfold and set up, then refold and load back into the van. Our trip was only 4 days long but the ramp was so easy to use that he got to be very fast and efficient -- the ramp is really easy to set up. Now I can look forward to going to museums again!

5 Stars 8' folding ramp

David Thornton from MI wrote (December 18, 2014):

Brother in wheelchair. Ramp needed for him to access our house. Purchased the 6' ramp, step was too wide to accommodate. Returned and ordered the 8' ramp. Exchanged ramp works well. Discount Ramps was very easy to work with, service after the sale was stellar. Would highly recommend this company for any similar needs and quality of product exceptional.

5 Stars Happy I made the purchases

Maria - from NY wrote (December 13, 2014):

I purchased this product for when my sister (paraplegic ) visits. I always had to be sure there were people at my house to pick up wheelchair to bring her into the house. With the ramp, i just open it up and place it on the top step and push her up. My sister's comments "that's a beautiful ramp". This ramp has given her the freedom to visit whenever she chooses! Highly recommend.

5 Stars Just what I needed

Derek Jarvis from MA wrote (December 07, 2014):

My wife is wheel-chair bound, and I needed an inexpensive and easy way to get her chair over steps leading into the house. This lightweight ramp meets all my expectations. I was also very pleased with the quick service . . . it was delivered within a few days.

5 Stars Better than renting!

Sandy from IL wrote (December 03, 2014):

I've been renting a wheelchair ramp when my Mom comes to visit, but decided it was worth purchasing this one outright when I compared costs. I like the fact that it comes apart for transporting. It seems sturdy and well-made. I thought the assembly instruction sheet was a little confusing, but the on-line video was very helpful. I was amazed that I ordered it on Monday and it arrived the very next day, and shipping was free!

5 Stars Great Ramp For My Art Show Business

Drake from MI wrote (December 03, 2014):

This ramp will work great for getting the boxes (on wheels) of my framed photographs, into the back of my 3/4 ton pick up. The tailgate on this truck is very high, and I can now safely roll them into the back of my truck for transport to the shows.

5 Stars Wheel Chair Ramp

Fred from NY wrote (November 30, 2014):

I purchase a 10' wheel chair ramp for access to my house for guests and family. The ramp was well received and functioned as advertised. well worth the investment.

5 Stars Great ramp

Nonie from WY wrote (November 21, 2014):

I am a 67 year old caretaker and I find the ramps very easy to carry and put together. They have made my (our) life a little easier.

5 Stars Good Product

Kelly Reed from NJ wrote (November 19, 2014):

Purchased this ramp for our hearing aid center. Like the fact that it folds up and can stay in a corner until we need it. Not too heavy and goes in to place very well.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp review WCMF-5

Garland from NC wrote (November 15, 2014):

Liked the video demo. When ramps arrived, there were zero surprises. Very functional and easy to set up.

5 Stars very useful

Damian from KY wrote (November 14, 2014):

Great product! Would recommend highly. Awesome! Stupendous!

5 Stars wheel chair ramp

Carl Johnsson from TX wrote (November 14, 2014):

We like the ramp so far will know more later after using it.

5 Stars Great set of Ramps

Doug from TN wrote (November 06, 2014):

We purchased the ramps for our delivery van and they are working great they are just the right size to store in van and when we need them we have them. Thanks for a great product

5 Stars Wheel Chair ramp suitcase style

Joseph from NJ wrote (October 27, 2014):

First I would like to thank James in your customer service/sales department. He was very helpful in figuring out what size ramp I needed. The ramp arrived 3 days after I ordered as promised. The instructions that came with the ramp were very clear and the ramp performed just as it should.I also purchased a wheel chair cover which I am very happy with.

5 Stars Excellent engineering.

Rik from IN wrote (October 26, 2014):

The description for this ramp on the sales web page appeared to be what I was looking for. After receiving the product, much sooner than promised, I was not disappointed. The quality of the manufacturing and the way in which it is engineered, is perfect for my temporary needs. After our immediate needs, it stores efficiently until needed again. It is something my entire family can utilize at one time or another. It is sometimes worrisome ordering from a company online, but I want to thank you for your honesty, not only in your description, but what is actually delivered.

5 Stars Great product and service

James Crull from TN wrote (October 16, 2014):

Just recieved my ramp, works wonderful, gives much more freedom. What I really love is the fact I ordered on Sunday and recieved it Wednesday and no shipping charge. Great company to deal with kept me informed thru whole process.

5 Stars Lightweight, sturdy and economical

Michael from MI wrote (October 11, 2014):

What a wonderful product. My wife who has MS along with a spinal disease, could no longer handle the couple of steps down into our garage. I was about to build my own ramp, but knew there would be problems with it getting in the way. I wasn't aware there were portable ramps available, until I ran across the Discount Ramps website. The ramp I purchased is very easy to set up and take down. Being so lightweight, it is easy to fold up and store out of the way. I was also happy to see it is made in the U.S. It's getting hard to find economical products that aren't foreign made. I saw several other products on the website that we could use in the future, and will turn to Discount Ramps for them.

5 Stars Portable Ramps WCMF10

Tony from OH wrote (October 09, 2014):

Lightweight and sturdy and easy to transport. This is being used to load equipment into the back of a pick-up. This product will be used extensively and appears it will be able to handle the job nicely for a good price.

4 Stars Multiple Uses and sturdy.

Cindy from CO wrote (September 19, 2014):

Besides wheelchair use, we're using this ramp to move small quantities of items down three stairs. Using this ramp for moving dollies and carts with product boxes. Anything with wheels easily goes down this sturdy ramp.

5 Stars Sturdy, Economical, Easy to Set Up

Pat from NJ wrote (September 14, 2014):

My husband can't get down the steps to our home any more. He is 89, and our house is not accessible. I couldn't get him out of the house. With the new ramp, I can get him in a wheelchair, push him down the ramp, over to the car, and take him wherever we need to go.

5 Stars Great Portable Ramp

Paul from ME wrote (June 13, 2014):

Thanks to James of Discount Ramps for suggesting this ramp. It was easy to use, right out of the box. Take it out, open it up, drill two holes for the securing pins, you're done. It folds up into an easy-to-store unit; the handle makes carrying it a breeze. Nice price, too.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp for grandma

Thomas Kraus from NC wrote (April 11, 2014):

We needed to get a wheelchair ramp for grandma to allow her to visit her grandchildren. We found and we had a great experience. It was the best price we could find, ordering was easy, it got here quickly, and worked as advertised. Can't tell you about the customer service since everything happened as expected so there was no need to contact them. As grandma gets older and new products may be needed to help with her mobility I'll be heading to first.

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