Kolpin Lock-It Rite ATV System
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You'll love the Lock-it Rite ATV system for securing your ATV to your truck or trailer. No more messing with straps or ropes. This ATV tie down and security device connects to a 2" square receiver in seconds and prevents side to side as well as forward and backward movement, holding your ATV firmly in one place. There's less chance for theft, too, with the ATV locked securely in place, and an integrated 2" receiver gives you the option to pull a lightweight trailer.

  • Secures ATV in seconds, no straps or ropes needed
  • Prevents forward, backward, and side to side movement
  • Deters theft of 4-wheeler and ramps
  • Built in 2" Class I hitch receiver ideal for pulling a small trailer


The Lock-it Rite ATV System allows you to secure your ATV into the bed of your pickup quick and easily. Works with any ATV with a ball mount hitch. This is an outstanding tie-down system.


The Lock-it Rite ATV System is an ATV tie-down and security device designed to fit any truck with a 2" square receiver. It secures an ATV with a 2" ball in seconds and eliminates straps and ropes. It also prevents forward, backward, and side movement. While using the Lock-it Rite ATV System, ramps stored beneath the ATV will not slide out and theft is deterred. An added feature is a 2" receiver that has been installed to the back of the device which will allow you to pull a lightweight trailer. This quite possibly could be the best ATV securing device on the market today! To secure an ATV using your truck bed or trailer try the Lock-it Rite Trailer System.

30 inch Lock-it Rite ATV System ATV securing device

Product Features

  • Eliminates cumbersome straps
  • Prevents forward and backward movement
  • Protects rear glass and toolbox
  • Saves time - secures 4-wheelers in seconds
  • Deters theft of 4-wheelers and ramps
  • Built in, 2" Class I hitch receiver - ideal for pulling a small trailer
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Excellent for small trucks and trucks with toolboxes
  • Helps to minimize pressure on tailgate
  • Works well with UTVs too (provided the UTV fits in the pickup)
  • 1 year warranty


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