Side Access Seatback Wheelchair Bag

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This wheelchair storage bag features a zipper on top of the bag and on both sides allowing the occupant to access items inside easily. Includes a smaller zippered pocket perfect for storing smaller items. The Side Access wheelchair bag is made from high strength, water resistant material ideal for all of your storage or carrying needs.


The Side Access wheelchair storage bag is unique from other wheelchair bags because it has a zipper on the top of the bag and on both sides for easier access to items in the bag! Now you'll be able to access the items in your bag from whatever direction you're facing! There's also a smaller zippered pocket on the Side Access wheelchair bag that works great for storing smaller items. Constructed from a durable, water resistant material, this wheelchair storage bag is heavy-duty enough to keep up with the toughest user. Attaches to chairs without a lot of effort allowing you to install and remove the wheelchair storage bag very quickly. The Side Access Seatback Wheelchair Bag is engineered to work with both power chairs and mobility scooters that use scooter style push handles. The Side Access wheelchair bag is adjustable to fit on the many different scooters and chairs which are available on the market today.

Side Access Seatback Wheelchair Bag

Product Features

  • Zipper on top and both sides to access belongings in wheelchair bag
  • Includes a zippered back pocket for storing smaller items
  • Designed to work with both scooter style seats and chairs with push handles
  • Constructed with durable, water-resistant material
  • Made in the USA!
  • 6 month warranty


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