1 Channel Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protector Extension for 0.375" diameter cables

Protect your Cords and Cables while Eliminating Trip Hazards

The Ultra-Sidewinder 1' Extension System adds extra length, eliminating potential trip hazards running across your facility floors. The unique articulating design allows the cable protector to move around corners and easily adapt to the layout of the room – while still offering complete protection of cords and cables. The flexible design maintains a flat profile, even around corners and s-curves, allowing foot traffic, carts and other wheeled objects to smoothly roll over cables.

  • Protects cables with a 0.375" outside diameter
  • Supports traffic weighing up to 32,000 lbs per axle
  • Drop over one channel design
  • ABS Plastic construction weighs only 0.5-lbs
  • Modular design with slide and click connectors
  • Meets OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.304 and 29 CFR 1910.305
  • Satisfies the National Electrical Code Section 525.6

Easy to Assemble Modular Design

These flexible cable protectors are incredibly easy to use! There are no tools required, each piece simply snaps together, allowing you to create a custom length, perfectly tailored to your facility requirements. The modular design makes it easy to reconfigure, repair and replace specific segments, while the rest of the cables remain covered and protected. Available in safety black and yellow, all black, brown, or grey, order your 1" extension system today.

32,000 lbs per axle
0.5 lbs
ABS Plastic

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