Silver Spring Lightweight Solid Foam Threshold Ramp – 1,500-lb Capacity

Getting around your home or office using a wheelchair or a walker just got a whole lot easier thanks to this new, state-of-the-art foam threshold ramp. Available exclusively from, this breakthrough in ramp innovation combines a lightweight foam interior with a strong polyurethane coating to make these portable threshold ramps the absolute lightest on the market without sacrificing an ounce of strength or durability! The indestructible ramp’s rubberized non-slip coating provides maximum traction for both wheelchairs and foot traffic in all weather conditions, will not scratch or mar floors, wipes clean with soap and water, and makes the ramp impervious to moisture, rust, and corrosion. And best of all, there’s no assembly required – it is ready to use right out of the box. With seven heights available to accommodate a range of doorway rises, this 36" standard-width ramp comes in a striking gray color to blend in with any environment.

  • Revolutionary foam construction makes it the lightest threshold ramp in the industry
  • Non-scratch coating won’t mar interior floors, so ramp can be used on any type of surface including hardwood floors, tile, marble, concrete, and more
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane non-slip surfaces provide superior traction and won’t wear out over time
  • No assembly required – one-piece design makes setup a breeze
  • Designer gray color blends in perfectly with all surroundings
  • Wipes clean with soap and water
  • 36" standard-width ramp comes in seven heights to accommodate a wide range of differences in elevation
  • 1,500-lb weight capacity is nearly double that of most bariatric threshold ramps sold today
  • A exclusive!
  • Custom sizes are available. Please call for details.
Item # Length Height Weight Status Price Quantity
THFS-1 6" 1" 2 lbs
Ships today!

THFS-15 9" 1.5" 3 lbs
Out of Stock

THFS-2 12" 2" 4 lbs
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THFS-3 18" 3" 7 lbs
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THFS-4 24" 4" 10 lbs
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THFS-5 30" 5" 14 lbs
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THFS-6 36" 6" 18 lbs
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When we set out to design and build a better wheelchair access ramp for doorways and short rises, we had no idea that we would revolutionize the entire threshold ramp industry forever. Thanks to an innovative new, polyurethane-coated space-age foam developed by our product experts, these ramps are virtually indestructible, impervious to chemicals, rust, and moisture, and they can support more weight than any other ramp on the market. Best of all, these foam threshold ramps are lighter than any other threshold ramps sold today, making them remarkably portable and easy to store!

Weighing no more than a few pounds each, these portable threshold ramps are perfect for seniors, wheelchair users, and anyone else who struggles with steps, heavy rubber ramps, or bulky aluminum models. Unlike some aluminum ramps, these one-piece foam ramps feature no moving parts, no hinges, and nothing to set up or adjust. Simply drop the ramp into place and the strong polyurethane non-slip coating will grip any surface you put it on without scratching. When you’re finished using the ramp, pick it up and take it with you or leave it in place for a permanent doorway access solution. These new foam ramps have a maximum weight capacity of 1,500 lbs – nearly twice the weight capacity of most bariatric threshold ramps sold today – so you’ll never have to worry about exceeding the ramp’s limitations, even when using a heavy power chair or pushing someone else up the ramp in a wheelchair. The ramp’s textured gray surfaces easily wipe clean with soap and water and give the ramp a timeless look that blends perfectly into any home or office environment.

Available exclusively from, these doorway ramps for wheelchairs are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and best of all, they are made with pride in the USA.

When it comes to your safety and mobility, never settle for anything less than the best. You cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to own this groundbreaking new access ramp. It will be the last threshold ramp you’ll ever have to buy!

1500 lbs

Review Summary (Based on 26 Reviews)


5 Stars Amazing product!

Robin from FL wrote (August 07, 2016):

I bought two 3" ramps, and one 4" ramp. They arrived, and I put them in without any problem. They are the perfect height and width, very sturdy, look great - even indoors - and, most of all, easy to navigate! Thank you so much for making these wonderful ramps available!!

5 Stars Great product

Art from LA wrote (July 20, 2016):

I bought 2 of the foam ramps, 1", 1.5" and 3". The ramps are very light weight so I can handle them while in my wheel chair. I also needed to cut one to fit in my door jam, and it was much easier to modify compared to my metal ramp.

5 Stars silver spring lightweight threshold ramp

Diane from AZ wrote (May 17, 2016):

i bought this for our front door. and was searching for one. that didn't move or slip. that was lightweight and inexpensive. where the delivery would be fast and convenient. this was everything i thought it would be and more! i am extremely satisfied!

5 Stars Perfect!

Rob from TX wrote (April 02, 2016):

Bought 4 of these so my Father could navigate thresholds with his walker. It's just what he needed. Impressive quality. Lightweight. Rugged. Grippy. Solid. I took them out of the box and put them in front of the door. Done! I miss-measured one threshold by a fraction and the door did not clear the ramp as it swung out. They let me return it with no problems.

5 Stars Foam threshold ramp.

LaNae C Lawson from IN wrote (March 20, 2016):

Nice and compact. Weight is only 3lbs. so it's easy to throw in the vehicle and take with u. Could use a few more color choices but I'm completely happy. Had my order with in 2 days. I did a lot of online and store shopping and they by far had the cheapest price for a better product. Totally 100 percent satisfied.

5 Stars THFS-4 Review

Walt from NM wrote (February 29, 2016):

Perfect for my wife who has MS.

5 Stars Love this ramp! It is perfect!

Kimberly from MO wrote (February 29, 2016):

I bought this ramp for our front door. I needed a ramp that I could leave in place and one that wouldn't move while we were using it; both my daughter's manual wheelchair and my electric chair. I was skeptical at 1st because of it being so light weight. When it got here, I opened it and put it in place, and I must say, it is perfect. It holds the weight of my electric chair and me without indenting and it is perfect for my daughter's chair to be pushed up and down. I would buy this ramp again and also recommend it to my friends and family. Today is our 1st day with the ramp. It is very solid! Thank you Discount Ramps!

5 Stars RAMPS

Gail Skarloken from OR wrote (February 26, 2016):

I was not knowledgeable about "disability" needs until our lives changed. I have ordered ramps from this company and am thrilled with the prompt delivery and the quality of the products.

5 Stars This Ramp is so quiet. Not like the metal ramps. LOUD!!

John from CA wrote (February 11, 2016):

This ramp is perfect in all ways. Its solid, quiet, doesn't slip and very light weight. Buy this ramp over metal ramps!!

5 Stars Excellent Product!

Florin from CA wrote (January 28, 2016):

I bought this ramp to use indoors and on the patio, for wheelchair access over 6"-tall single steps. Power wheelchairs or scooters seem to go up and down with no problem, however users of unassisted manual chairs might want to think about how steep a ramp they can handle. The ramp is very light and handy, I think that most people who can stand and move on their own, can carry and position this ramp. the surface is easy to grip, and easy to clean. When placed on a shiny hardwood floor surface, it does not slide and does not move, so wheelchair transition is very solid. Definitely recommend

5 Stars Perfect!

Cammie from TX wrote (January 17, 2016):

Bought this for my mother who is in a wheelchair. We could not have done better if we had something custom built. Also it was shipped very promptly. Very satisfied.

5 Stars Fits the Bill

Ed La Tour from CA wrote (December 11, 2015):

Fits the bill literally for mobility and pocketbook. Allows my mother inlaw to get in and out of her mobile home thru the glass sliding door now. Gives her more independence. Works like a charm. Seems to be holding up to the traffic of wheelchair and foot traffic

5 Stars Perfect Product

Vranae from FL wrote (December 11, 2015):

After trying multiple types of ramps, from multiple sellers/manufacturers, I came across Discount Ramps and decided to try the solid foam ramp, and I am SO glad I did! This ramp is light, stable and easy to move from place to place, even if I need to do it myself while on my ecv. I am a recent above the knee amputee and have had to go through a lot of trial and error, but I have already ordered a nother one of these ramps and will be using only Discount Ramps moving forward.

5 Stars SOLID and QUIET threshold ramp

Ann from VA wrote (December 09, 2015):

I replaced my aluminum ramp with this on one and it's a significant improvement. It doesn't make any noise when the wheelchair is rolling over it or someone is walking over it. It stays in place. It's very durable. I also love that debris can't get under it since it's solid. I highly recommend this. I bought a 6" and needed to exchange it for a 5". I wish 5.5" was an option. Otherwise, this meets all of my needs and expectations.

5 Stars Amazing!

Power chair user from GA wrote (December 06, 2015):

I bought this to go inside my doorway to get my power chair over the threshold. I literally thought the box was empty when it came because it was light as a feather! I was afraid it would scoot out from under the wheels like a rug does, but it didn't budge. I am really impressed with this product, and wish I had gotten this kind for outside the door. I got an aluminum one instead. It is sturdy enough, but it collects debris and creatures under it and my dog is afraid to walk on it. I think I would be much happier with this Silver Spring foam one outside as well.

5 Stars Foam grit threshold ramp

Clare from OH wrote (November 17, 2015):

We got a 4" height foam grit threshold ramp, it is 36" wide. Very functional, very light to transport compared to other ramps. Will carry in our van to use at friends/family homes that are supposedly ground floor access but still have a short step to get inside the door. Works fine on steps slightly shorter and slightly taller than the 4" ramp so it is very useful

5 Stars Thresh Hold Ramps (THFS-3)

Lee from TN wrote (October 20, 2015):

Great produce/price. Needed for trailer ramp door in order to load Rewaco Trike. Love it, no problems, very light but well built.

5 Stars I just ordered 2 more!

Cheryl from NH wrote (October 13, 2015):

These Ramps are great- easy to assemble and easy for my wheelchair-bound dad to negotiate. I just ordered 2 more. I highly recommend!

5 Stars Foam Threshhold Ramp

Roni from FL wrote (October 12, 2015):

Very happy with the 4 inch ramp. We received it within the week that it was ordered. It is not heavy but is solid and is perfect for what we needed. I will be ordering another one in a different size for a different doorway. We like this better than a portable aluminum ramp that we have because this does not scratch any surfaces and it does not have a lip that gets in the way of a door opening.

5 Stars Threshold Ramp

William Steele from OR wrote (September 23, 2015):

So the ramp is great. We had an aluminum ramp before and it was really loud to walk on and there was always stuff under it (leaves, bugs etc...). This ramp is very strong and solid. My daughters wheelchair weighs about 400lbs and closer to 500 with her in it and this thing shows no signs of wear or even use. I live the grey color it blends in a lot better with my concrete porch than the aluminum did, I just can't say enough about this thing.

5 Stars Foam Ramps

Marcia from ND wrote (September 15, 2015):

Oh MY Gosh!! These ramps are the best ! My husband is in a wheelchair and we have a sunken living room. It was getting hard for him to use his walker to get to his chair, so we found this ramp and it is perfect! He goes up and down like a champ now. They are a real blessing! Thank You

5 Stars Silver Spring Lightweight Solid Foam Threshold Ramp

Carol from KY wrote (August 27, 2015):

I needed two small (one inch high) threshold ramps to help get an electric chair in and out a door. Company shipped quickly, ramps are coated to help with traction, and have been just what I needed to lay down on a concrete floor.

5 Stars Solid foam threshold ramp

Fred from CA wrote (August 25, 2015):

I needed a ramp to get down a step into my recessed living room. The description said it was made out of foam so I was worried that it might be a little spongy. I needn't have worried. It is solid as a rock and there are no worries that it will give way or be flimsy. I like that it is wide (36") because I have to make a sharp turn with my scooter in order to get on it and I don't have to worry about going off the edges. Overall, it is a great addition to my home.

5 Stars Bernie from south FL.

Bernie from FL wrote (August 01, 2015):

Foam grit coated thresh ramp 5"Hx36"w x 30"L Wow great ramp . For the first time since I lost my lag I can get out to my patio. thanks for a great product.

5 Stars foam Grit coated thresh ramp

Cindy from OH wrote (July 20, 2015):

Loved this ramp. We used it to access the patio/house that had a 6 inch step. Very easy to move when not in use and easy to store. The person we needed it for will be purchasing one for his home.

5 Stars silver spring lightweight threshhold wheelchair ramps 3+4in height

frank from FL wrote (July 11, 2015):

very impressed with the 2 ramps shipping was great price was great more than I expected was just what I needed thanks

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