How To: Understand the Many Single Runner Motorcycle Ramps

Single Runner Ramps for Motorcycles

Single runner ramps are designed for manual loading and unloading of motorcycles. Single ramps should NEVER be used for riding the motorcycle into the truck bed or onto a trailer. These motorcycle ramps work well for loading smaller light weight street bikes and off road dirt bikes. The very nature of manual loading limits the height at which you can load and thus manual loading is usually limited to trailers and small two wheel drive trucks.

There are several styles of single runner ramps to choose from including non-folding, folding, two piece collapsing, and combination ramp and bed extender. There are straight ramps and arched ramps. Surface options include rung, solid surface, and mesh.

Non-folding ramps – These ramps require more storage room than folding ramps, but are quicker to set up and take down. If you are interested in a non-folding ramp, please measure the available storage space inside your truck bed, trailer bed, or the rear of your SUV or car trunk as you may not have the necessary length available to store the ramp.

Folding ramps – These single ramps typically fold to slightly more than ½ their gross length. These ramps may take a few seconds longer to set up, but require less room for storage.

Two piece collapsing ramps – These collapsing ramps are designed with two panels that can be separated so storage options increase.

Combination ramp and bed extenders – These multi use single ramps are available for pickup trucks. These ramps have large rungs and attach directly to the stock tailgate hardware with the tailgate down. Set up and take down time is longer than with other ramps. However, these ramps have the added benefits of increasing the storage length of your box while assisting in retaining the load in the box of your pickup and ramp storage space is not needed, freeing up space that otherwise would be used for ramp storage or other items.

All other factors being equal, a straight ramp will need to be longer than an arched ramp to avoid “bottoming out” the motorcycle where the top of the ramp and the truck bed or trailer bed meet.

Rung surfaces are available on most models. Rung spacing typically ranges for three to four inches. The rungs typically have a serrated surface and provide excellent traction.

Solid surfaces ramps and perforated decking over the support structure. The perforations are raised slightly to provide traction. The traction is marginally less than the rung surface when dry, but can become somewhat “slippery” when the ramps are wet or mud covered.

There are very few Mesh offerings available. These ramps provide adequate traction and may be a good option for small wheeled scooters that would have a bumpy ride on a ramp with rungs.

The number of single runner ramps available is substantial. However, if you analyze your situation carefully you should be able to narrow your choices and find a ramp that best fits your needs.

Non-Folding Ramp Folding Ramp Combination Ramp & Bed Extenders
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