Large BMX Skate Ramp
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Lightweight and portable, enables a launch ramp setup almost anywhere. Also great for inline skating, snow boarding, sand boarding, and more!

Item # Description Weight Status Price Quantity
SK-904-R (1) Large Ramp for Skateboarding
BMX, RC Cars, Inline Skating
Snowboarding, Sandboarding
10 lbs
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SK-906-R (2) Large Ramps for Skateboarding
BMX, RC Cars, Inline Skating
Snowboarding, Sandboarding
20 lbs
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The Large BMX Skate Ramp gives skateboarders, BMX riders, snow boarders, and sand boarders the ability to perform launch and jump tricks just about anywhere they go. These lightweight, portable ramps are molded from a single piece of durable plastic, reinforced to handle jump after jump and feature a textured surface to enhance launch traction. Includes two mounting points at the rear of the ramp to prevent the ramp from sliding forward during use on harder surfaces. For sand boarding or snow boarding, simply pack the ramp in a snow or sand pile on a hill or dune to catch some serious air.

Before using these or any other skateboard ramp, it's highly recommended to read the Skateboard Ramp Safety instructions and take the proper precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience. For further information on securing skateboard ramps please view the detailed Skateboard Ramp Securing Methods article.

Portable Skateboard and BMX stunt ramps
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Patent #: RE38,326
  • Great for skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, sand boarding, snow boarding, RC cars, and more
  • Durable, single piece molded plastic
  • Textured surface adds traction during launch
  • 2 rear mounting points on each ramp
  • 70.5° launch angle, 25-1/2" W x 39" L riding surface
  • Must be mounted in place for optimal performance and safety
  • Includes mounting screws
  • Maximum capacity of 250 lbs
  • Skateboard Ramp Safety
  • Skateboard Ramp Securing Methods


Skateboard Ramp Safety Guide
How To: Secure Skateboard Ramps

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