Skateboard Ramp Safety and Warnings

Skateboard Ramps: Safety and Warnings


Important safety information for safe use of Discount Ramps LLC Skateboard Ramps. Its critical for both children and adults to review these safety warnings before use, to ensure any rider understands all risks associated with using skateboard ramps, to provide the knowledge necessary for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

BMX, skateboarding, inline skating, sand-boarding, or snow-boarding can be dangerous when using these or any other ramp system. Always wear protective safety gear including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a CPSC certified helmet. It is recommended to have adult supervision to fit the safety equipment in place.

Before using any of the skateboard ramps, make sure the purposed area is a flat, level surface free from any potential hazards which may interrupt a smooth transition to the ramp’s surface. Such hazardous debris could be stones, gravel, twigs or anything else that may interfere with the skateboard or bicycle wheel system. Keep the ramps positioned away from any larger obstacles such as railings, steep gradients, swimming pools or walls.

Be sure the ramps are safely secured in place by using asphalt or concrete anchors. If you’re using another securing method to keep the ramps in place such as plywood or sandbags, please double-check that any of the securing material does not interfere with the ramp launch area or the potential landing area. Inspect the condition of any fastening devices regularly making sure the ramps stay firmly in place at all times during every use. For further information, please view the Skateboard Ramp Securing Methods page.

For the safety of others, do not use these ramps on sidewalks, the middle of a street, or in any other area that may endanger other people and possibly cause an accident.

Only attempt tricks and maneuvers you feel comfortable with and are ready for.

These ramps are designed as launch or take-off ramps only; don’t attempt to land or jump onto the ramp from another surface or ramp.

When skateboarding or bicycling, its recommended to only use these ramps in dry, highly visible conditions; don’t use the ramps in the rain, wet or damp weather, at night or when visibility is poor.

Inspect the ramps and center tables periodically for cracking or any other damage that may cause an accident. Do not use the ramp system if any part is damaged, cracked or fractured as it may cause injury when used.

Be alert! When using these ramp systems, be alert and considerate at all times. Concentrate on the tricks and maneuvers being performed, watch for any possible obstructions during use, watch out of other people. Exercise the utmost caution and care for your own safety, the safety of others and the ramp system being used.

The user/rider acknowledges and accepts all responsibilities of inherent risks and dangers by using the ramp and center table system. To ensure the safe use of this and other systems, ALWAYS wear protective safety gear and observe the warnings listed above.

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