Smart Ramp Junior
Indoor/Outdoor Smart Ramp Junior
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1 Year Warranty

Prevent your pet from injury when jumping up to the couch, bed or vehicle with the Smart Ramp Junior from Solvit Products. The tall side rails help guide your pet up the ramp and the Shur-Foot grip tape surface provides excellent traction for your pet's paws. With a Lightweight (8 lb) design, take the Smart Ramp Junior wherever you go.

  • Great for small or large dogs
  • 39-1/2"L x 20"W x 5"H
  • Shur-Foot grip take for excellent traction
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Lightweight design - 8 lbs


The Smart Ramp Junior can be used indoors or outdoors to give your pets more access. The round construction (no sharp edges!) and an integrated carrying handle make this ramp safe and easy to use!


Smart Ramp Junior gives your dog or pet access to your couch, bed, or even van. Made from high quality plastic, the lightweight small pet ramp only weighs 8 lbs The integrated carrying handle allows you to pick up the ramp easily for storage or transport. The Shur-Foot™ grip tape surface provides excellent traction when your four-legged friend is using the small pet ramp. Tall side rails prevent your pet from getting injured by keeping them on track. The Smart Ramp Jr. features no sharp edges to prevent snagging on your furniture or vehicle and also to avoid injuring you or your pet. The small pet ramp is 39-1/2" long x 20" wide x 5" high to work in many applications indoor and out. Click to view the Telescoping Smart Ramp.

8 lbs
300 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight design - 8 lbs
  • Works well with small or large dogs
  • Built-in carrying handle is "pinch-free"
  • Durable grip tape surface - excellent for your pet's feet
  • No sharp edges - won't snag on you or your vehicle
  • 1 Year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • NOT designed for human use


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