SledEz™ Snowmobile Dolly - 1,200 lb Capacity
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Store and transport your sled with Sledez snowmobile dolly. The low-profile dolly is loaded by simply riding over the top and pushing it into place. The length can be adjusted 68" to 80" to fit the various sizes of snowmobiles. The 3" caster wheels and rugged plastic shell saves your garage floor from wear and tear from snowmobile studs.

  • Steel tube frame
  • Rolls on 3" caster wheels
  • 2,500 lb capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Maneuvers 360°
  • Drive on, drive off loading
1 Year Warranty


The superior and rugged plastic design of the Sledez Snowmobile Dolly is reinforced with steel tubing and features 4 heavy duty 3" caster wheels able to provide 360° maneuverability and is capable of holding up to 1,200 lbs!


The Sledez ultimate snowmobile dolly provides fast and painless snowmobile transportation with an easy drive-on, drive-off design. With a rugged plastic shell reinforced by steel tubing, the snowmobile dolly is able to hold up to 1200 lbs distributed over four, 3" heavy duty caster wheels. A single piece design allows snowmobiles to be maneuvered 360° without slipping or sliding from a treaded surface. Sledez is 49.6" wide and adjustable in length from 68" - 80" to accommodate most snowmobile sleds on the market. Includes a safety strap for safe unloading and comes complete with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Sledez Snowmobile Dolly - The ultimate snowmobile transportation system
68" - 80"
65 lbs
1,200 lbs

Product Features

  • (4) Large 3" Caster Wheels
  • Steel tube reinforced rugged plastic design
  • Safety strap for unloading
  • Single piece design works with the weight of the sled to stay in place
  • 360°maneuverability
  • Adjustable to accommodate a large variety of snowmobiles
  • Drive on, drive off loading and unloading
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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