Whiteout Three-Piece Snowmobile Ramp - 1,500 lb Capacity


The Whiteout snowmobile loading ramp system is designed for loading snowmobiles onto trucks or trailers from 24" to 38" high. Three separate pieces combine to create a safe and durable system. 96" long middle ramp is runged to provide good traction. 78" long outer ramps with polyurethane ski guides to accommodate and style carbide ski. Includes 2 safety straps - optional Alumi-Loc permanent attachment plate allows for secure attachment to truck tailgate without safety straps. 1,500 lb capacity

  • Ramps made from lightweight aluminum
  • Two outer ramps have polyurethane ski guides to protect ramp and carbide runners
  • 8' long center ramp - and (2) 6-1/2' long ski ramps
  • 1500 lb capacity (center ramp)
  • 500 lb capacity each (ski ramps)
  • Recommended vehicle load height of 24" to 39"
  • Safety straps included
  • Recommended extension ramp provides additional traction on pavement and ice - sold separately
  • Recommend use with Alumi-Loc permanent attachment plate - sold separately

This three piece premium aluminum snowmobile loading ramp has many features to allow you to load your sled on a pick up truck or trailer with just one person. They are available in an 8' long non-folding model for 4x4 trucks, 2 wheel drive pickup trucks, or trailers from 24" up to 38" high. The two 7" wide ski runner side ramps have a replaceable integrated polyethylene ski guides to accommodate any ski on the market including single carbides, dual carbides, and even triple carbide skis. These integrated ski guides also allow your skags/carbides to track straight up the snowmobile ramp safely with no resistance. The ski ramps are rated at 500 lbs each.

The center ramp section for your track has a 1500 lb weight capacity and is 12" wide with 1/2" x 1/2" square solid aluminum cross bar cleats for maximum traction while loading in the outdoor elements. Both the center ramp and side ramps include a hybrid design hook/ plate combo full width attaching lip that can be used on a tailgate or rub rail on a trailer with Alumi-Loc.

Both ramps have a tapered foot at the bottom of the ramp for a smooth approach. The included adjustable cam buckle safety straps are used to secure the ramps to the pick-up truck's bumper or to the trailer to eliminate ramp kick out while loading and unloading your snowmobile. The snowmobile ramp system is all aluminum and will never rust. The ramp sections can be stacked for storing the ramps next to the snowmobile in the pickup truck or trailer and the safety straps can be used to hold them together.

The side ski ramps are shorter than the center ramp to eliminate the need for a helper ramp on the bottom of the snowmobile ramp. This offset design allows the skis and track to contact the ramps at the same time allowing maximum traction and eliminating track spin.

An optional Alumi-Loc aluminum ramp attaching bracket is sold separately and is HIGHLY recommended for safe loading. This bracket allows the snowmobile ramp system to be set up in minutes without the need of safety straps. The Alumi-Loc ramp attaching bracket gets mounted to the tailgate of the vehicle using our Alumi-Loc-Kit. The hook ends of the loading ramps lock into the aluminum ramp bracket to insure they are securely locked to the truck and have no possible way to slip off the vehicle.

An optional 36" x 12" extension is highly recommended for maximum traction when loading on pavement, ice, or high pick-up trucks. The traction plate is sold separately from the ramp and helps prevent the track from spinning while your skis are on the side runner ramps and the track is still in contact with the ground. The SNO-3612-EXT is adjustable to fit different lengths on the ramp and gives you positive hook up with your track every time.

Our snowmobile ramps are the the most versatile and complete loading ramp available. Not only can it be used to load your snowmobile, it can be used to load the rest of the 4 wheeled toys in your garage by purchasing one additional center ramp (sold separately).

The two 12" wide center ramp sections are rated at 3000 lbs per pair and can also be used to load four wheeled vehicles with pneumatic tires including 4 wheel ATVs, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) including the Yamaha Rhino, John Deere Gator, Kabota RTV, Kawasaki Mule, Polaris Ranger, zero turn lawn mowers, go carts, lawn and garden tractors, stump grinders, generators, pressure washers, golf carts (including electric), and other larger pneumatic wheeled vehicles up to 2500 lbs

43 lbs
1,500 lbs (Center Ramp)
500 lbs (Side Ramps)

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