Spare Tire Bike Rack

The spare tire rack is perfect when a spare tire would normally make it impossible to mount a rear bike rack. can safely transport up to two bikes. The unique frame wraps around the rear spare tire seen on SUVs, campers, and RVs. Foam bumpers protect the tire and rack.

  • Durable steel construction
  • Mounts over a vehicles external spare tire
  • Transports 1-2 bicycles
  • Dual arms with foam bumpers and 360° movement
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Mounts on a rear vehicle spare tire to safely transport 1 or 2 bicycles weighing up to 70 lbs total, without the need of a vehicle hitch. The BC-8403JQ Includes necessary mounting straps, flexible rubber bicycle tie-downs, protective foam bumpers and a long 11' bicycle safety strap with buckle.


The BC-8403JQ Spare Tire Rack rests on top and wraps around a vehicle's external spare tire to safely transport 1 or 2 bicycles without needing to use a vehicle hitch. Great for an SUV, RV or 5th Wheel camper. Easily secure the strong 1"D black powdercoat steel tube frame to the vehicle hatch and spare tire with the provided straps in minutes, saving valuable time in the process. Bicycles rest on dual adjustable arms which provide 360° movement for adjusting and are offset to center balance bicycles behind the vehicle. The spare tire mounted bike rack comes with 9" universal rubber straps designed to work with any style bicycle frame. To protect the vehicle and spare tire, foam bumper pads are also included.

Spare Tire Rack for 2 Bicycles
17 lbs
70 lbs

Product Features

  • Transports 1-2 bicycles on a rear vehicle spare tire
  • Works great for an SUV, camper, 5th wheel or RV
  • Dual arms with 360° movement for easy adjusting and are offset to center bicycles behind the vehicle
  • Tie-down straps hook directly to access hatch and wrap around the spare tire
  • 9" universal rubber straps work with any bicycle frame style
  • Strong 1"D steel tube frame, black powdercoat finish
  • (2) 1-7/8"D spare tire foam protectors and (2) 2-3/4"D rear window protectors
  • Includes (1) 11' long bicycle safety strap with buckle


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