Spare 25" ATV Tire

A spare tire for your ATV trailer is an essential security when traveling out, away from civilization. The 25" tire and wheel wells are not meant for use on highways.


When planning a weekend trip with the ATVs and trailers, a spare tire should top the list as a backup plan in the case of a flat tire. The 25" trailer tires come attached to a durable, steel wheel which makes replacement a cinch. The 4-ply ATV tires match the existing tires and provide that extra sense of security when traveling off-road. These tires are designed for off-road use and not meant for use on the highway.

25 x 12-9 Black Steel Wheel with 4PR Tire

Product Features

  • 25x12-9 tire
  • Overall Wheel Height 25"
  • 4 Ply tire thickness
  • Tire and steel wheel combination
  • Not for highway use

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Not for highway use

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