H1 Aluminum Sprinter Rack

The H1 Series Sprinter racks fit high and low top Sprinter vans ranging from 2002 – 2006. The lightweight option comes in two or three bars and doesn't require drilling.

Item # Description Weight
Capacity Per Bar Color Status Price Quantity
H2151 Sprinter Low Top | 2 bar system 500 lbs 250 lbs

H2155 Sprinter Low Top | 3 bar system 750 lbs 250 lbs

H2153 Sprinter High Top | 2 bar system 500 lbs 250 lbs

H2157 Sprinter High Top | 3 bar system 750 lbs 250 lbs


The aluminum Sprinter racks from Vantech are a lightweight choice when hauling cargo via roof top. Systems are available in sets of two or three bars. The two bar system has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs while the three bar set can hold up to 750 lbs. The 2" x 1" aluminum cross bars contain channels that allow accessories to be attached, giving the user the freedom to adjust or slide the accessories into the proper place on the cross bar. Notched rubber cross bar guards come with the system to help prevent scratching. The thick rubber bar guards are installed by pressing the notched side into the channels of the cross bars, raising the cargo off of the cross bars. The cross bars are connected to mounting uprights that are galvanized and reinforced at the base. Rubber caps are installed on the uprights to stop wind noise and water build-up in what would normally be an open cavity. Separate designs are available to fit high and low top Sprinters. Low top Sprinter racks stand at 16-1/2" while the high top Sprinter racks extend to 22-1/2" tall. All versions of the H1 Sprinter racks include 2" x 8" drip rail clamps that are used to mount the van racks to the Sprinter itself. The clamps attach to the existing drip rails, eliminating the need to drill. Before accessories are added, the three-bar van roof rack weighs in at 28 lbs. The Sprinter racks are coated in a black or white powder to add durability. Systems com with stainless steel hardware.

1" W x 2" H

Product Features

  • Models available in two and three bars
  • Fit high and low top Sprinter Vans
  • Channeled aluminum cross bars for adding accessories
  • Rubber bar guards that fit into aluminum cross bar channels
  • Rubber upright post caps to prevent wind noise and water build-up
  • Rust free, stainless steel hardware
  • Attached by rubber dipped drip rail clamps
  • Black and white powder coating to protect against the weather
  • No drilling required


High Top Instructions
Low Top Instructions

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