Aluminum Non-Folding Straight Dirt Bike Ramp - 5' Long

This dirt bike loading ramp is constructed from an aluminum alloy and nylon tube plating to make it lightweight and durable. The dirt bike ramp's tongue has non-slip rubber on the underside to prevent the ramp from slipping off of the truck bed.

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The straight dirt bike loading ramp from Langston Racing is a durable, lightweight ramp that has a straight, non-folding design. The straight loading ramp is 8" wide x 5' long and designed to easily fit in a truck bed next to your dirt bike for traveling. The dirt bike ramp has an aluminum alloy and nylon tube plate construction to make it lightweight yet durable enough to handle heavy use. To prevent the dirt bike ramp from slipping during loading into your truck bed, the 8" lip has a slip-resistant rubber underside and the feet have a treaded rubber surface. The straight dirt bike ramp comes with a 1 year warranty. If this is not the dirt bike loading ramp you are looking for, then check out our complete line of dirt bike loading ramps

5' Long Straight Loading Ramp
462 lbs

Product Features

  • Straight, non-folding design
  • Aluminum alloy & nylon tube plate construction
  • 8" lip with non-slip rubber underside
  • Treaded feet won't slip on the ground
  • Lightweight & strong design
  • 1 year warranty

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