Supertrac Multi-Purpose Tie-Down Rail System
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
  • Kits Contain: 1 SuperTrac, 1 SuperTrac Deck Hook, Stainless Hardware, and 2 End Caps
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Track
  • Fully Adjustable
  • End Caps Included
  • Deck Hook Included
  • Lockable

Supertrac Kits

Item # Description Status Price Quantity
4112A-SUP-TRAC-12-KIT 12" Supertrac Kit
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4124A-SUP-TRAC-24-KIT 24" Supertrac Kit
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4148A-SUP-TRAC-48-KIT 48" Supertrac Kit
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Supertrac Kit Accessories

Item # Description Status Price Quantity
2250-DH-SUP-TRAC Supertrac Deck Hook
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4212A-SUP-TRAC-NUT-BOLT-KIT Supertrac Hardware Kit
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4200A-SUP-TRAC-END-CAPS Supertrac End Caps
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4220-Fitting Single Stud Fitting with Ring
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4230-Fitting Double Stud Fitting with Ring
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4240-Fitting Double Stud Fitting with Pear Ring
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Adjustable Anchor System

The fully adjustable Supertrac is a lockable anchor system which can be used virtually anywhere you need to secure your cargo. Available in various lengths, including 12”, 24”, and 48”, this track-style tie-down can be mounted anywhere you need an adjustable deck hook, and is compatible with padlocks to deter theft. Each Supertrac Kit includes:

  • 1 Heavy duty aluminum Supertrac
  • 1 Deck hook
  • All required stainless steel hardware
  • 2 End caps

Versatile Tie-Down System

The Supertrac multi-purpose tie-down rail system can be adjusted to accommodate and secure any cargo. The versatile Supertrac Kits can be installed in pickup trucks, trailers, vans - virtually anywhere you require an anchor point to tie down and secure your load. The Supertrac Kit is a valuable tool for safely transporting your items.

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