SUV Pet Barrier
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Keep your pup safe and sound in the back seat of your vehicle with the SUV pet barrier, so you can concentrate on driving. Specifically designed for bucket seats, this steel tube barrier has a no-slip cup that secures it to the ceiling while putting pressure on the two bottom feet to lock into place. This pet barrier installs within minutes!

  • Prevents pet from jumping into front seat
  • Designed for bucket seats
  • Narrow, between-seat design adjusts in height
  • Steel tubing with no-slip ceiling cup


The narrow pet barrier adjusts its height to prevent your pets or dogs from climbing between your bucket seats while traveling. Sturdy feet and an adjustable ceiling cup keep the pet barrier upright.


The SUV pet barrier effectively keeps your pet in the seats behind you so you can safely transport your dog or pet. Designed for bucket seats, the SUV or car pet barrier is not as wide as our other dog barriers and only has height adjustments. The 12" wide SUV pet barrier adjusts 39" to 48" high to fit in cars, vans, or SUVs. The steel tube pet barrier has a no slip cup that secures the dog barrier to the ceiling while putting pressure on the two bottom feet. The SUV pet barrier has a one year warranty.

Car & SUV Pet Barrier for Bucket Seats

Product Features

  • Keeps pets in the back seat
  • Designed for bucket seats
  • Narrow design only has height adjustments
  • Steel tubing with a no-slip ceiling cup
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Review Summary (Based on 10 Reviews)


5 Stars Possibly the best barrier I've ever used!

Dwain from MO wrote (May 26, 2015):

We go everywhere with our 90 pound yellow lab. She doesn't like to sit by herself and is always determined to get into the front seat of our '15 Pathfinder. It creates a stressful ride because she's always at the limit of her seatbelt and can actually climb into the front seat, causing a multitude of problems. Efforts to keep the console area "blocked" by body parts doesn't work. This pet barrier does work and works great. She can still see us, and express her discomfort but realizes she can't get through and settles down. We can now peacefully travel for local trips and long ones without her clambering over, spilling coffee, switching on the hill climb or knocking the car out of gear. It is completely and quickly removeable, if you do need it down (e.g having seven passengers). Its easily stowed in the car and can be set up in less than a minute. We also bought one for our RX350 - the console leather there is much softer and more prone to scratching. I've used the larger barriers and they're a PITA if you've got a flexible car or have multiple drivers. The soft barriers are useless in keeping a determined dog out - I've had a lab and a BC push them down to get into the front seat. Now i can travel with the dogs and not have them try to get into my lap.

4 Stars does the trick

Rich from NJ wrote (April 01, 2015):

could be a bit wider but overall fits great.

5 Stars Super Barrier

Rhonda from CO wrote (March 30, 2015):

I purchased to use in my 2013 Dodge Truck. My lab has a bad habit of coming up in the front while I am driving. This really works to keep her in the rear seat.

4 Stars A little too short

Janer from NE wrote (March 25, 2015):

The barrier is great but falls when I go around corners. Unable to get tight enough. It is extended as far as it will go. Not sure what the screw on top is for. Arrived in good shape and very sturdy, hope to get it to fit tighter and think it will be perfect for the job.

5 Stars Third time's a charm!

Anne from PA wrote (March 22, 2015):

I have a medium sized dog who is determined to climb into the front seat. He was able to climb over the first mesh barrier I bought. The second one was taller but he broke the stabilization bar rendering it useless. This SUV barrier is working great! It keeps him in the back seat yet allows him to look out through the bars. It was easy to install and only takes up as much room as needed to do the job.

3 Stars Works but needs to be wider

Tazzi from UT wrote (March 15, 2015):

It fits fine between the Armada bucket seats, but it is not wide enough to block the dog from jumping over seat between headrest and barrier. I had to use another barrier that attaches to the headrests to keep the dog in the back.

5 Stars Dog barrier

LJP from AL wrote (February 19, 2015):

Shipped quickly, and met expectations. Easy to install.

5 Stars Awesome!

BB from OH wrote (February 12, 2015):

We have a very strong 65lb Lab/Boxer mix that was going wherever it wanted in my Chevy Traverse. NOT ANY MORE! :) The price for this barrier can't be beat either. Easy to install too. Like I said, AWESOME!!!!!

4 Stars Simple and Compact!

Laurie from CA wrote (January 16, 2015):

I bought this because my border collie/lab mix scared me half to death the first time I took her on a long trip, driving alone in the car. She came through the space between the bucket seats, and I was not strong enough keep her back with one arm only.. She ended up wedged between me and the back of my seat! Luckily that ended OK, but I knew I had to do something to keep her in the back. This product was simple to put together and install between the 2 bucket seats. It does not take up a lot of room, and I just keep it in the car. So far the dog has not even tested it, she seems to accept that that space is now off limits!

4 Stars Love it!!!

Fuzzy Dogs Mom from MN wrote (September 27, 2014):

I purchased this barrier because I wanted something to keep the fuzzies out of the front seat area while driving. I didn't want a barrier that covered the whole area behind the seats or blocked my view through the rear view mirror. This version was easy to install with the exception of getting the bolt head into the suction cup at the top. But, the bolt did fit into the suction cup with a little pressure on my part. I like the size of the barrier. The fuzzies can still put their noses along side the seat and barrier for scratches while traveling which satisfies all. Can't go wrong for the price!