TailGate Ramp Steel Folding Attached ATV Ramp - 7'6" Long

The tailgate ramp system replaces your original tailgate and works as a loading ramp for ATVs, motorcycles, garden tractors, golf carts, lawnmowers and more. The panels of this ramp fold inside of each other when not in use so the ramp ends up with the same thickness as your original tailgate. Usable like a standard tailgate.

  • Replaces original tailgate
  • Usable as a standard tailgate
  • Made of expanded metal
  • Rhino liner coating provides additional traction
  • 1,350 lb capacity
Item # Description Manufacturer Part # Automobile Year, Make, & Model Status Price Quantity
TGR-75 7-1/2' Long Tailgate Ramp - Tailgate Replacement Folds Out Into a Ramp
(Meets specifications for Government agencies)
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks


The Tailgate Ramp is the ideal answer for loading and unloading ATVs, garden tractors, golf carts, lawnmowers or heavy loads from the back of your pick up truck. This innovative device replaces your existing tailgate and folds out into a full use ramp. The ramp is coated with Rhino Liner to provide traction and protect from the elements.


The Tailgate Ramp is designed to make unloading and loading anything from the back of your truck bed safer and easier. Ramp system replaces your original tailgate and is usable as a folding ramp. Panels of this ramp fold inside of each other making the ramp the same thickness as your original tailgate. This ATV and utility ramp is coated with Rhino Bed Liner and embedded with garnet granules for a non slip surface. Installation is simple with this ATV ramp. Just take off the old tailgate, put on the tailgate ramp and put your original tailgate in storage. The folding tailgate ramp has two handles on each side to assist in unfolding that also act as side guard rails. Ramp also includes an extension spring designed to assist in closing the tailgate.

This ramp opens as easily as a standard tailgate and is usable like a standard tailgate. The hinges on this ramp system are a continuous piano type hinge that is rated at 160 pounds per linear inch. The frame is manufactured from heavy walled square tubing with all joints mitered and welded. Tailgate ramp has a deck made of expanded metal that is welded solid all the way around. Load capacity is 1350 pounds (load capacity decreases if the angle decreases.)

The 7-1/2 ft ramp meets specifications for government agencies. We sell a lot of these ramps to BLM, Forest Service, Fish and Game, Department of Agriculture, lawn services, school districts, universities, hunting professionals, etc. We recommend the ramp on 4-wheel drive higher off the ground trucks.

1,350 lbs.
142 lbs

Product Features

  • Replaces original truck tailgate - customized for any model of pickup truck and easy to install
  • Four folding panels
  • Folds within itself for compact tailgate and ramp combination
  • Built of heavy duty steel tubing to prevent warping and twisting
  • Slip resistant coating of Rhino Liner with embedded garnet granules
  • Two handles also serve as a guard rail
  • Opens as a standard tailgate allowing normal pickup bed access when the ramp is not used
  • 1,350 pound load capacity (Capacity decreases when angle is decreased)


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)


3 Stars Poor fit and Paint Job

Jason from OH wrote (February 26, 2016):

Did not fit my 2014 Chevy 1500 without some cutting and modification. The paint job was very poor and will need redone. Started rusting on grates and frame in one week. Poorly packaged and arrived with bent handle and closing piece.


Scott Dudley from AL wrote (August 13, 2014):

The absolute best ramp that has ever been made to assist in loading an ATV, lawnmower, Gator, or Go Cart. Also handy for hand trucks, push lawnmowers or anything that can roll up a ramp. I've had mine for over 8 years now on my 97 Z71 and it has paid for itself multiple times. This is a must have for anyone owning an ATV that doesn't want to buy a trailer to pull and has enough room to put your ATV in the back of your truck.. I highly recommend it.?

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