Tamarack ATV Front Box Foam Kit

Organize your gear in a Tamarack ATV front box with this versatile kit. The foam liner and blocks protect valuable items and may be arranged in various configurations to fit around your cargo.


The ATV Front Box Foam Kit is a great accessory for a Tamarack Front Box. The foam kit includes a 1" thick liner that fits into the bottom and sides and several 3" thick foam blocks that can be arranged as needed. The liner may be used by itself or with the blocks to protect cameras, tools, binoculars, or other valuable gear. The foam blocks can even be cut into smaller or custom shapes for personalized dividers.

Foam Organizer Kit for Tamarack ATV front boxes

Product Features

  • Designed for Tamarack Front Boxes
  • Organizes and protects tools, binoculars, cameras, etc.
  • Includes 2 larger blocks and 6 smaller blocks that can be used in various configurations
  • Bottom layer and side walls are 1" thick
  • Top layer blocks are 3" thick
  • Blocks may be cut into custom shapes
  • Made of charcoal color graft foam

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