Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are the perfect solution for maneuvering manual and power wheelchairs, or mobility scooters over short rises around the home or office, or through doorways where the bottom plate creates a challenging barrier.

PVI Aluminum Single Fold Threshold Ramp - 800 lb Capacity

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It can often be difficult for individuals using wheeled mobility devices and the elderly to make it over short rises, through raised entrances, and over small barriers. Even doorway plates, sliding door tracks and 1" rises can be especially difficult for wheelchair or scooter wheels to maneuver over. At Discount Ramps, our wide selection of threshold ramps for the home or office helps you overcome these seemingly insurmountable obstacles with ease. Each ramp is thoroughly tested to withstand daily, repetitive use in a commercial, home or work environment and features a non-skid high-traction surface to ensure proper footing. From industrial-strength plastic and rubber threshold ramps designed for heavier power chairs to adjustable ramps and portable options like aluminum modular threshold ramps and stand-alone models, we offer the perfect solution for all your mobility needs.

If you have any questions about our many styles of wheelchair ramps, please contact our mobility ramp experts who will be happy to help you fulfill your specific maneuverability requirements.