Thule 854 Water Slide Mat


Provides an excellent layer of protection between boats and the vehicle surface during loading and unloading from vehicle roof racks. A slippery top allows boats to glide while a tacky, non-skid bottom helps keep it in place. Attaches to an existing vehicle cross bar.


The Thule 854 Water Slide accessory mat is an ingenious way to protect kayaks, canoes, surfboards and the vehicle's finish during loading and unloading to a vehicle roof top carrier rack. Two straps extend from the water slide mat and connect to the vehicle cross bar system. Once connected, the 854 Water Slide Mat provides a protective, slippery surface for boats to glide on and stays in place with a tack-grip, non-skid underside designed specifically to protect the vehicle's surface. It dries quickly and will not soak through. The 36"L x 24"W Thule 854 Water Slide Mat rolls up for compact storage when not in use. Comes with a Thule Racks LifeTime Warranty!

Thule Water Slide Mat - Boat and vehicle paint protective mat

Product Features

  • Protects boats and the vehicle paint during loading / unloading
  • Non-fading, sun-resistant
  • Maintains grip and will not stick to vehicle finish
  • Rolls up for storage
  • Dries quickly, will not soak through
  • Integrated strap system attaches to the cross bar system
  • Smooth, slippery surface for ease of use
  • Thule Racks LifeTime Warranty


Instruction Manual


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