1" x 10' Cam Buckle & Ratchet Straps Kit with S-Hooks – 4-pk

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Set of (2) 1" wide x 10' long cam buckle straps and (2) 1" wide x 10' long ratcheting tie down straps. Great for tying down ATVs, motorcycles, and small equipment. Both models have vinyl coated s-hooks and zinc coated hardware to increase the strap's durability.

Get (2) ratchet straps and (2) cam buckle straps in this great tie down strap kit. These 1" wide x 10' long orange cargo straps are designed with a 3000 lb break strength (1000 lb working load) for the ratcheting straps and a 1500 lb break strength (500 lb working load) for the cam buckle. Both models come in an orange color for improved visibility and have vinyl coating on the "S" hooks to help prevent scratching. Each tie down strap features a zinc coating on the ratchets and cam buckle increasing their durability.  These straps are great general-purpose tie downs that can be used for tying down light equipment, cargo, motorcycles, and ATVs. The 10 foot ratcheting straps and cam buckle straps come with a 1 year warranty. Looking for just one type of strap? We also sell the cam buckle straps and the ratcheting tie down straps in packs of 4.

3,000 lbs (ratchet) / 1,500 lbs (cam)
1,000 lbs (ratchet) / 500 lbs (cam)
Ratchet + Cam Pack

Product Features

  • General purpose tie down strap kit includes (2) Ratchet straps and (2) cam buckle straps
  • Ratchet straps have a 3,000 lb break strength / 1,000 lb working load
  • Cam Buckle straps have a 1,500 lb break strength / 500 lb working load
  • Vinyl coated S-hook ends
  • Highly visible bright safety orange color
  • Ideal for tying down ATVs, motorcycles, small equipment and other cargo
  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty


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