Thrust Off Road Tire Deflators

Whether the terrain is rocky, hilly or ultra-rough, fine tune the wheels of your ATV, UTV or 4WD vehicle for better performance and a softer ride with these tire deflators from Thrust Off Road Accessories. The tire deflators thread onto valve stems, quickly lowering the air pressure and can be locked in place with set screw while airing down. Disassemble the brass deflators for cleaning, and store in the handy carrying case so they'll never be misplaced.

  • Set of four rust-proof brass tire deflators with case
  • Quickly airs down tire pressure from 30 to 8 PSI
  • Locks in place with set screw
  • Disassembles for cleaning
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Increase off-road performance by fine tuning ATV, UTV, or off-road truck wheels to match terrain. Airing down wheel pressure helps tires "hook-up" for wheeling while providing a softer ride in the process. Thrust Off-Road Tire Deflators are easy to install and include a convenient carrying case for essential off-roading arsenal.


Tire Deflators help increase off-road performance of ATV, UTV and off-road trucks by airing down tire pressure to increase the vehicle's wheel "hook-up" ability; A charged engine and perfectly tuned gearbox won't perform at their best if off-road tires can't hook properly on the terrain. Lower air pressure quickly and easily with Thrust Off-Road Accessories Tire Deflators. Each automatic tire deflator tool threads onto a valve stem and begins releasing air right away. Adjust tire pressure down from 30-8 PSI in 3 PSI increments and retain the setting for next use, or even fine tune the tire pressure with a manual valve. An integrated set-screw allows the deflators to be locked in place while airing down. Tire deflator tools can be disassembled for cleaning and are made with brass construction which will not rust over time. Package includes (4) adjustable tire deflators, a carrying case, and fold-up instructions for use. Complete with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects.

Package of (4) Tire Deflators w/Case - Adjust tire pressure from 30 to 8 PSI quickly while off-roading
1 lb

Product Features

  • Automatic tire deflator starts working when attached
  • Threads onto valve stems
  • Easily air down tire pressure from 30 to 8 PSI in 3 PSI increments
  • Package includes (4) tire deflators
  • Integrated set-screw allows deflators to be locked in place
  • Includes manual fine-tuning valve
  • Brass construction will not rust
  • Disassembles for cleaning
  • Works great with ATV, UTV and Off-Road Truck tires
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects


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