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Scout game and property borders for activity with the Kill Shot trail camera. The handy waterproof camera quickly mounts to a tree or post with included mounting strap and also to standard tripod plates with bottom threading. Snap low or high resolution photos from 1 mega-pixel up to 12 mega-pixels, time lapses, picture bursts (up to 3) and even 60 second videos to properly capture subjects. Black and white photos are taken at night through infared sensors and the LCD screen indicates the time, date, temperature and moon phase of captured images.

  • Encased in IP54 waterproof shell
  • 1 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP and 12 MP settings
  • LCD screen indicates time, date, temperature and moon phase
  • 2GB SD card included
  • Infared sensors shoot Black and White night photos
  • Picture burst, timelapse and 60 sec video settings


The Killshot game cameras are great for scouting out activity near ground blinds, trails, and even the property borders for unsuspecting trespassers.


A Killshot game camera is perfect for avid hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and even security when property can't always be attended to. During the day, color photos are taken in 1 of 5 resolutions. The smallest resolution setting is 1 mega-pixel which is useful if the main goal is to get an idea of what is on the property. Other resolutions include 3 MP, 5MP, 8MP, and 12MP. The 12 mega-pixel setting is great when resolution is important.

For photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, high resolution is important for producing quality results. A time lapse setting takes photos throughout a time frame to show the transformation of the landscape such as first snowfall. High resolution comes with great results, but also comes with larger files that mean having to replace the SD card more frequently. The 5 MP setting is recommended as it balances out the quantity with the quality. Pictures can be set to 1, 2, or 3 picture bursts for action shots such as two bucks butting heads. During the night time, black and white photos are taken through infrared sensors. Three PIR sensors help detect moving objects and take pictures after 1.3 seconds of initial detection. A main sensor points straight out away from the camera while two side sensors detect movement on both sides of the camera. The sensor settings are available in high, normal, and low.

The Killshot camera not only takes photographs, but it also takes AVI video as well. The programmable camera can record video from a range of 1 – 60 seconds and includes a setting that takes 1 - 3 photographs before video begins rolling. The pictures can be viewed on a 1-7/8" x 1-7/16" LCD screen and indicates the time, date, temperature, and even moon phase. All of the electrical parts are encased in an IP54 waterproof shell to prevent shorting or damage to the camera. Whether it's during the cold winter months or the hot summer days, the Killshot trail camera can perform in weather ranging from -22°F – 158°F.

It is important to set up the camera so that it sits above the undergrowth and 15 – 20 ft away from shrubs, grasses, or weeds. This prevents the sway of foliage from setting off the camera if the sensors are set to high. The infrared flash reaches out to 65 feet or 20 meters. All trail cams should be set up facing North or South to prevent glares during sunrise and sunset. Like most trail cams, a mounting strap can be looped around a tree trunk or thick post. The bottom threading allows setup with standard quick release tripod plates. Quick release nails are available on standard tripod plates, ground mounts, or screw-in tree mounts (Not included). A 2 GB SD card is included along with a mounting strap, USB cord, and a TV Out (NTSC) cord.

Killshot Trail Camera - A game cam for scouting animal and human activity in hunting areas or where security may be needed

Product Features

  • Uses standard SD cards 8MB – 32GB
  • Included 2 GB Kingston SD card
  • Programmable AVI video 1 – 60 seconds
  • 1, 2, and 3 picture burst options
  • Regional remote sensors for extended range
  • Color photographs during the day
  • Black & white photographs at night
  • Takes 4AA batteries; 8AA with back panel (Batteries not included)
  • Low standby current for longer lasting batteries
  • TV Out (NTSC), 6 volt battery, & USB imports
  • 65ft (20m) infrared flash range
  • Time, date, temperature, & moon phase imprints for photographs
  • 1-7/8" x 1-7/16" LCD viewing screen
  • Waterproof shell to keep electronics dry
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


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