Green TrakMAT

Cooling Ground Protection for a Variety of Industries

Designed to protect lawns and landscaping from damage caused by heavy machinery, TrakMATS offer many advantages over traditional plywood, which can splinter, rot, and warp. Manufactured in the United States from high-quality polymers, this ground protection mat will not crack or break – even in extreme temperatures. The cooling green color won’t burn the grass underneath, while your temporary roadway during special events, utility work or other construction jobs is in use.

Features & Benefits

  • 60-ton weight capacity
  • Available in two sizes, 3’ x 8’ and 44.5” x 8’ x ½”
  • Green color prevents grass underneath from getting burned
  • Hand cutouts for convenient handling and transportation
  • Prevent damage to your lawn and other surfaces

Item # Description Length Thickness Weight Status Price Quantity
TM4496-G 44.5" wide Green TrakMAT 8' 1/2" 78 lbs
In Stock

TM3696-G 36" wide Green TrakMAT 8' 1/2" 64 lbs
In Stock

Convenient and Easy to Use

The hand cutouts in each mat make them easy to lift, place, and reposition wherever you need them. Prevent ground damage from heavy machinery while saving time and money by eliminating the risk of getting stuck and replacing old, rotting plywood with the specialty Green TrakMAT.



120,000 lbs

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