J4000 Transit Connect Roof Rack Carrier

The J4000 Transit Connect roof rack carrier is installed by removing the factory bolts and replacing them with a track system. These aluminum van racks are two bar systems that come in two different sizes.

Item # Cargo Rails Crossbar Size (W x H) Crossbar
Color Status Price Quantity
J4065 72" 3" x 1-1/2" 50"

J4075 96" 3" x 1.5" 50"


The J4000 Series van racks from Vantech are designed to fit Ford Transit connect vans. A 69-1/2" track system replaces the factory bolts and helps distribute weight while increasing weight capacity. The aluminum cross bars contain channels that are designed for slider-mounted accessories from Vantech. Aluminum side rails come with front Bullhorns to help ease the loading and unloading process. Two adjustable ladder stoppers are attached to the front cross bar and stop ladders from sliding forward during abrupt stops. Two included Push-2-Secure ladder locks use springs and locking mechanisms to hold down the rear ends of the ladders. The ladder stoppers and Push-2-Secure locks are both adjustable from 4" – 6" to fit multiple ladder sizes. Rubber bar guard accessories prevent metal-on-metal contact by lifting cargo up and away from the cross bars. The bar guards feature a notch that presses directly into cross bar channels. With the ladder stoppers and Push-2-Secure stoppers installed, the maximum height stands at 12-1/2". These van racks are powder coated in white or anodized in black to extend the cross bar life.

Two cross bars with tracks and side rails

Product Features

  • Fit to Ford's Transit Connect compact panel vans
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 50" cross bars with rubber end caps
  • Front Bullhorn side rails for loading and unloading
  • Aluminum side rails available in 72" and 96"
  • Dual 4" x 6" adjustable ladder stoppers
  • Two Push-2-Secure ladder locks
  • Rubber bar guard strips to extend the cross bar life
  • Total height of 12-1/2" with ladder stoppers at highest point
  • White or black powder coating to protect against the elements


Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

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