Classic Accessories PolyPro 3 R-Pod Travel Trailer Cover

Protect your r-pod travel trailer from the elements with this PolyPRO cover from Classic Accessories. A sturdy, PolyPRO 3 fabric top with breathable PolyPRO 1 sides keeps water out and prevents mildew and moisture buildup. Integrated tie down straps along with an included toss bag make installation simple. The travel trailer interior remains accessible thanks to a roll up zipper panel over the door.

3 Year Warranty
Item # Fits Status Price Quantity
80-198-141001-00 R-Pod trailers up to 16'6" in Length
80-199-151001-00 R-Pod trailers up to 18'8" in Length
80-200-161001-00 R-Pod trailers up to 20' in Length


Designed specifically for new Forest River R-Pod campers, the Classic Accessories PolyPRO 3 R-Pod travel trailer cover keeps rain, snow, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays from damaging your camper. Breathable PolyPRO fabric, along with an integrated vent system, eliminate moisture and mildew build-up on the inside of the cover by allowing water to evaporate out. Installation of the cover is made easy thanks to the included toss bag, which allows you to 'throw' the integrated strap underneath the trailer to the opposite side. Tension panels, along with elastic hem corners, provide a tight custom-like fit that won't billow. With the cover installed, the interior of the R-Pod can still be accessed. A zippered panel on the passenger side of the cover rolls up to allow the camper door to be opened. Each Classic Accessories PolyPRO 3 R-Pod travel trailer cover comes with a handy storage bag and a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

PolyPro 3 R-Pod Travel Trailer Cover
Gray/Snow White

Product Features

  • Thick, triple-ply top with breathable sides
  • Integrated air vent system combined with quick drying fabric eliminates mildew and moisture buildup
  • Zippered panel rolls up and allows access to the passenger side door
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a tight, custom like fit
  • Integrated strap attachment system with weighted toss bag makes installation easy and eliminates the need to crawl under the rv
  • Convenient storage bag included
  • Three year manufacturer's warranty


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