Let’s Go Aero LittleGiant TreeHaus™ Utility & Tent Trailer - 1,500 lb Capacity
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Built on one of the most versatile cargo trailers on the market, the TreeHaus camper is a heavy-duty cargo trailer when you need to haul, and a lightweight, spacious tent camper when you want to get outdoors. Set up as a camping trailer, the TreeHaus has room to sleep four people comfortably and is tall enough for most people to stand upright in. Unlike other tent trailers, the TreeHaus weighs only 420 lbs, making it possible to tow with many compact cars.


The TreeHaus tent trailer is a heavy duty cargo trailer, and lightweight, spacious tent trailer all in one. Use it during the week to haul everything from brush to an ATV in its large, truck like bed with 2' tall sidewalls. Then, take it to the woods on the weekend and sleep up to four people in the camper's spacious tent trailer configuration.

In its tent trailer form, the Treehaus camper has a 6' 10" tall ceiling, allowing campers to stand upright inside. The ceiling has large screen windows which, along with the big windows on all four sides of the tent, let plenty of light inside. In wet weather, the roof can be covered using the included rain fly with self-contained anchors to keep the tent dry. Sleeping accommodations are provided by two aluminum deck-wing panels, which set up outward using the side wall C-channel track and telescoping support arms. The front and rear trailer endgates also rest on the sidewalls, creating a larger inner sleeping surface with cargo storage room underneath.

Based on the LittleGiant utility trailer kit with torsion axle suspension, the Treehaus camper has a galvanized steel frame and body. Weighing only 420 lbs empty, the trailer is easily towed by most vehicles, even compact cars. It's no slouch when it comes to hauling cargo however, the Treehaus camper can haul up to 1,500 lbs in its bed. On or off-road, the utility trailer's torsion axle suspension with easy lube bearings and 13" tires keep the trailer rolling smoothly. Included with the Treehaus tent trailer is the LittleGiant rear leveler kit and marine jack to keep the trailer stable while loading cargo or being used as a camper.

1,500 lbs
485 lbs
10' 3"
4' 6"

Product Features

  • Toy hauler, utility trailer, and tent trailer all in one lightweight package
  • Comfortably sleeps 4 w/ storage and standing room
  • Screened tent doors on both ends
  • Large screen windows in ceiling
  • Big bay windows on the sides of the tent
  • Includes rain fly and folding panel covers
  • Removable front and rear end gates fit into sidewall track to become a large sleeping surface
  • Converts from a spacious tent trailer into a handy utility trailer
  • Large trailer bed and capacity can handle heavy cargo, lawn tractors, ATVs, and more
  • Low trailer weight allows even many compact cars to be used as a tow vehicle
  • Galvanized steel frame and body
  • Torsion axle suspension dampens bumps for a smoother ride
  • Trailer jack and leveler kit included
  • Tent Interior Height is 6' 10"
  • Tent Interior Width is 8' 5"
  • Wheel Size is 13"

Warning and Usage Guidlines

Trailer requires full assembly


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