AL825 Truck Hoist from Harmar
Truck Lift For Speedy Loading & Unloading

Lift your mobility device into your pickup bed with a truck bed hoist from Harmar. The bed hoist features a pivoting arm and dual strap that swings a mobility device over the side bed rail. The lift can be mounted to trucks with standard or extended cabs. Mobility lift is operated by a wired controller.

  • Fits standard or extended cab pickups
  • Dashboard-mounted on/off switch
  • Wired remote operation
  • Docking device included
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Please specify the automobile year, make and model as well as the scooter or wheelchair make and model
3 Year Warranty


The truck bed lift uses a faster motor than its counterparts to hoist a manual chair, scooter, or power chair into the bed of a pickup truck. An adjustable boom swings over to the driver or passenger side door for easy access to the cab.


The pickup truck lift from Harmar is perfect for the lighter mobility devices that you want to readily load and unload. A pivoting arm swings around to the driver or passenger side door, making it easy to get into the vehicle. Mounting brackets make it possible to install the lift to either side of the truck bed. The lift should be installed to the side of the truck that will be used to load and unload. Once installed, the truck lift fits tight against the side and fender walls, freeing up more space for storage. A dashboard-mounted switch cuts off and supplies power to the lift directly from the cab. A wired remote and docking device are included to assist in the lifting process. The remote powers the left and right movement of the arms as well as the lifting and lowering process. The docking device evenly distributes the weight of the power chair or scooter during the lifting and lowering processes. A dual-strapped hook prevents the lift load from spinning during loading. The Harmar power chair and scooter lift comes with a transferable 3 year warranty.

116 lbs (53 kg)
225 lbs (102 kg)
34" - 41"
28-3/4" - 46-1/2"

Product Features

  • Fits standard and extended cab trucks
  • Offset mounting base allows a tight fit against the sidewall and fender walls
  • Dashboard-mounted on/off switch
  • Wired operation remote
  • Dual-strap hook prevents mobility devices from spinning while hoisting
  • Included docking device
  • 3 Year Transferable Warranty


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