M4000 Angled Truck Canopy Rack

The M4000 is a universal rack designed to fit to the tops of fiberglass truck caps. The special angle of the cross bars make it easier to remove ladders or other lengthy objects from the truck rack.

Item # Bar Type Cargo Rails Material Color Status Price Quantity
M4090 A333 72" Steel
M4091 A333 96" Steel
M4092 A350 72" Aluminum
M4093 A350 96" Aluminum


The M4000 Series truck canopy racks from Vantech are comprised of two-bar sets that come with a complete package of accessories. The angle of the cross bars make it easier to reach up and remove cargo. Weighing in at 14 lbs, the truck cap rack holds up to 500 lbs when weight is evenly distributed. The mounting bases are connected to interior plates with poly foam gaskets to repel water that tries to seep in (Drilling required). Side rails are included to prevent cargo from sliding off of the sides of the vehicle. Bullhorn handles are attached to the front end of the side rails to aide in the removal of ladders and other cargo. A ladder guide is provided to help organize equipment by separating items. The ladder guide also acts as an additional tie-down point. Two Push-2-Secure ladder clamps are placed on the rear cross bar, along with the ladder guide, to help secure the back end ladder rungs. The ladder clamps can be adjusted from 5" – 8" by swiveling around its main post. A spring-and-lock mechanism is used to clamp and hold down the end ladder rungs and prevent bouncing. Two ladder stoppers are included and placed on the front cross bar. Both stoppers have a rubberized angled hook that prevent ladders from bouncing and sliding forward during abrupt stops. Two EZ Velcro straps are wrapped around the cross bars and wrapped again around the ladder rungs. The Velcro straps can hold up to 75 lbs each. The universally fitting truck cap rack is powder coated in a black or white finish.

1" W x 1-1/2" H
250 lbs
500 lbs

Product Features

  • Angled cross bars designed to make loading & unloading easier
  • Side rails available in lengths of 72" & 96"
  • Available in steel & aluminum
  • Ladder guide for organization and tie-down access
  • Dual 5" ladder stoppers
  • Push-2-Secure ladder locks (2)
  • EZ Velcro straps to secure ladders up to 75 lbs each
  • Dual Bullhorn handles for loading & unloading
  • protective black or white powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Drilling required


Steel Instruction Manual
Aluminum Instruction Manual

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