J4000 Truck Canopy Racks

The universal truck rack is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and comes in widths of 60" and 72". Both cross bars contain channels that are used to attach slider-mounted accessories from Vantech.

Item # Weight
Cargo Rails Crossbar
Color Status Price Quantity
J4050 500 lbs 72" 60"

J4052 500 lbs 96" 60"

J4054 500 lbs 120" 60"

J4056 500 lbs 72" 72"

J4058 500 lbs 96" 72"

J4060 500 lbs 120" 72"


The J4000 Series truck racks are designed to fit universally to fiberglass caps for pickup trucks (Drilling required). All J4000 racks are manufactured from aluminum and hold up to 500 lbs when weight is evenly distributed. Cross bars are available in widths of 60" and 72". The oblong shape of the cross bars cut down on drag and wind noise made during transit. Featured in the cross bars, are channels that are designed to install slider-mounted accessories from Vantech. Side rails are also included and offered in three lengths ranging from 72" – 120". The front ends of the side rails include Bullhorn handles that aide the loading and unloading process. Two adjustable ladder stoppers are included, placed on the front cross bar, and stop ladders from bouncing and sliding forward when making sudden stops. Two Push-2-Secure spring-and-lock clamps are placed on the rear cross bar and clamp over rear ladder rungs. The ladder clamps are adjustable from 5" – 8" and keep ladders snug to the cross bars. Rubber bar guard strips are pressed into the channels to help keep cargo up and off of the cross bars. The rubber bar guards help extend the lives of the cross bars and cargo. For added protection, the topper racks are powder coated in a choice of black, white, or silver finishes.

2-1/4" W x 1" H
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Universal fit for truck caps
  • Cross bars available in widths of 60", & 72"
  • Channeling for Vantech accessories
  • Bullhorn handles for loading and unloading
  • Side rails available in lengths of 72", 96", & 120"
  • Adjustable ladder stoppers (4" – 6")
  • Dual Push-2-Secure ladder clamps
  • Rubber guard strips for cross bar protection
  • Powder coated in protective black, white, or silver finishes
  • Galvanized hardware included
  • Drilling required


Instruction Manual

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