Tru-Cut™ Ultra-Ramps® Steel Truck Service Ramps - 4,000 lb & 5,400 lb per axle Capacities

Quickly lift a full-size car or pickup truck for service or repair with these convenient ramps. Simply drive on and get to work. The ramps have a durable, one-piece stamped steel construction with a raised grip hole surface for traction. Available in two capacities - for 6,500 lb or 9,000 lb vehicles.

  • Quickly lifts a car or pickup truck 7-1/4" for service or repair
  • Heavy gauge, one-piece stamped steel construction
  • Raised grip hole surface for traction
  • 9" wide usable ramp width
  • Available in 6,500 lb GVW or 9,000 lb GVW per pair
Item # Description Weight Weight
Capacity Capacity
per Axle
Status Price Quantity
UR6500 One-piece steel construction (PAIR) 28 lbs 14 lbs 6500 lbs GVW 4000 lbs
In Stock
URB9000 One-piece steel construction with solid steel supports (PAIR) 36 lbs 18 lbs 9000 lbs GVW 5400 lbs
In Stock


These heavy duty steel drive on vehicle service ramps are a great way to quickly lift a full size car or pick up truck for service or repair.


These are some heavy duty ramps!! The URB9000 and UR6500 are new models of service ramps for most trucks, cars, or SUVs. These ramps feature a stamped steel structure with heavy duty raised grip holes for extra traction. The URB9000 truck service ramp has solid steel supports so it can accommodate most vehicles under 9000 lbs. The UR6500 should only be used for light trucks and cars under 6500 lbs. Both ramps have the same dimensions and loading surface. An angled wheel stop allows you to load your vehicle by yourself. Each truck service ramp has a dimension of 35 " long x 13 " wide x 9¼" high total ramp size which includes an 11" by 9" platform at the top.

Vehicle Service Ramps
9 1/4"
7 1/4"

Product Features

  • URB900 has a 9000 lb weight capacity & the UR6500 has a 6500 lbs weight capacity
  • Heavy gauge stamped steel platform
  • UR6500 features a one piece steel construction
  • Support braces for extra strength are featured on the URB900
  • The widest steel ramp available
  • Lifts the front or rear of a car 7.25"
  • Quicker than jacking up a vehicle, just drive on
  • Car ramp overall dimensions - 35 " long x 13 " wide x 9¼" high
  • URB9000 weigh 18 lbs per ramp & the UR6500 weighs 14 lbs per ramp
  • Incline Degree 25°
  • Please measure the width of your tires for proper fit

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Before using the ramps ensure other persons are clear of the vehicle and the ramps
  • Ensure that the ramps are free from damage or corrosion before use.
  • Use only a single pair of wheel ramps at the front or rear, do not use two ramps on one side of the vehicle
  • Position the ramps in line with the wheels, with the steering wheel pointed straight and the incline against the tire tread
  • Carefully drive the vehicle onto the automotive ramps until it is in the correct position
  • Turn the engine off, apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle and securely chock the remaining wheels on the ground
  • Before starting work, walk around the vehicle ensuring it is securely positioned
  • Always use jack stand if a person will be going under the vehicle
  • On completion of the work, check the parking brake is still firmly on and remove the chocks
  • It is important to drive very slowly when coming off the ramps to prevent the automotive bodywork from making contact with the car ramp
  • Exercise caution when using these car ramps with a trailer or three wheeled vehicle


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Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)


5 Stars A must buy

Dean from KY wrote (June 01, 2015):

The ramps are very well made.Bought to change oil in my silverado and wife's Lincoln.The 6500s are perfect for my 2 vehicles.BtW never forget your jack stands and scotching the tires,

5 Stars URB9000 ramps

Greg from GA wrote (April 23, 2015):

These ramps worked great with my 2003 Silverado Pick-up truck. They didn't slide forward when I pulled up on them and they were plenty wide enough for the bigger tires that I have on my truck. They also didn't creak like the plastic ramps that I have that make me nervous every time I get under my vehicle to work on it. These heavy duty ramps are strong and they lift my vehicles higher than the plastic ramps. The only small problem I had with them was when pulling my 2013 Hyundai Sonata car up on them was the front spoiler section was against them as I pulled up to them. All I did was have my wife drive the car and I lifted up on the front end to life the front approx. one inch to get the car started up on the ramps and after that it was no problem. Next time I'll cut a couple pieces of 2 x 4 to place in front of the tires to lift the front before pulling up on the ramps..

5 Stars UR6500 Ramps

Dale from FL wrote (January 14, 2015):

Shipped quickly. 27lb package came a bit worn but that doesn't affect the product. Simple stamp pressed med. grade steel ramps with a good black coated shiny finish that should resist corrosion, except on the ground contact points. Plywood pads would be a good idea if you are fussy about that. Good lift height for use with my 2003 Subaru Outback. Nice top deck area that should be adequate for most tire profiles. Did not see any flex or coating cracking when used. Happy with my purchase and I felt safe being under the vehicle using this set of ramps. Remember to be safe and set your park brake and block the wheels still on the ground before venturing under your vehicle when using any ramps.