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Apex Trunk Bike Rack - 2 Bike & 3 Bike

Carry bicycles on the trunk or hatchback of your van or SUV without using the vehicle's hitch. The rack has dual sliding tire wells that extend outward to support bikes of different sizes. Designed to clear the vehicle's hitch to allow for simultaneous towing. Available in 2 models to carry either 1-2 bikes or 1-3 bikes.

  • Holds 1-3 bikes
  • Extending tire wells
  • Locking frame clamps
  • 6-point tie down system
  • 70-100 lb capacity
  • Available in 2 models
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Weight Bike
Minimum Width Maximum Width Status Price Quantity
BC-6315-3Q 37" 39 lbs 3 35" 51-3/4"
Originally $214.99
Sale $99.99
Save $115.00


Easily and safely transports 1-3 bicycles using a SUV hatch or vehicle trunk. The BC-6315-2Q and BC-6315-3Q trunk bike racks feature dual adjustable length tire wells and bicycle frame clamps designed to keep bikes firmly in place during travel.


The trunk bike rack mounts to the rear hatch or trunk of a SUV or van to transport bicycles without using the vehicle hitch. There are 2 models of the trunk bike rack available: the BC-6315-2Q that holds 1-2 bikes and has a weight capacity of 70 lbs or the BC-6315-3Q that carries 1-3 bikes and has a capacity of 100 lbs. A vehicle rest support and tire well platform are each designed to pivot 360° enabling the bike racks to mount to a variety of trunk and hatch shapes while maintaining stability. Key benefits to these trunk bike racks include dual sliding tire wells that extend outward for optimal bicycle support, dual adjustable length bike frame clamps that also lock to deter theft, and an integrated 6-point tie-down system with 4-1/2 ft. long hatch / trunk straps. Trunk mounted bike racks are great for simultaneous towing because the rack holds the bikes high enough to clear the hitch. The BC-6315-2Q and BC-6315-3Q bike racks are made with a heavy duty steel tube framework with a black powder coat finish. Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Trunk-Mounted Bicycle Rack
70 lbs (BC-6315-2Q)
100 lbs (BC-6315-3Q)

Product Features

  • Designed for van or SUV hatch / trunk
  • Clears hitch so great for towing
  • 6-point integrated 54"L attachment system
  • (4) 2-3/4"L x 2"D foam vehicle protectors
  • Dual key-locking bicycle frame clamps
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Tie Down Length: (1) 132"L Safety tie-down strap
    (4) 15-1/2" Velcro hand brake tie-downs
    (6) 54"L Attachment straps
  • 1 Year Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • NOT recommended for vehicles with rear spoilers


BC-6315-2Q Instruction Manual
BC-6315-3Q Instruction Manual


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Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


5 Stars Awesome purchase!

Samantha from KY wrote (August 30, 2016):

I love this bike rack. I have never received an item where all the holes align and all bolts were provided. Putting it together was a breeze. The rack fits on my 2015 Ford Escape like a glove to the point of me still being able to use my backup camera. I mainly got a bike and the bike rack for college/. On days I know it is going to rain I put the rack in my car. I can take it out of my car, attach it to the car, and have the bike up and ready to go within 10 minutes. It takes less time to take it all down. On days I leave it on the car, I use a long bike lock and wrap it around the rack and my roof rack. The kit even includes 3 Velcro straps for the brakes and a long strap for security to go around the bike and rack. I am currently only carrying 1 bike, so being able to move the locking head to the security arm bar I use was perfect and a breeze. Being a women's mountain bike, the bars twist funny and didn't fit into other types of bike racks but the arms are able to hold onto my bike perfectly. I drive both freeway and country with the whole deal and am never worried. The expandable tire racks are easy to maneuver; just loosen the knobs and push/pull. There are 6 straps and hooks that hold the rack on the hatchback. The hooks are coated in a softer material so I'm not worried about it scratching up my car, which is nice. Being a 5 ft 1 in female, I was a bit worried when everyone said it was heavy but it's really not bad and super manageable. Once one of the top straps is attached and tightened, it begins to hold itself up. Wal-mart bike racks run about 60.00 so why not spend a few extra bucks for a bike rack that will secure multiple sized and shaped bikes. The wal-mart rack wouldn't fit my bike properly and was really hard to get my bike it in. It took me on average 30 minutes because of the swiveling holders. This is a super universal bike rack and I recommend it to the highest degree. I thought I was going to have to get a trailer hitch put on to get a rack like this one, but then I found this rack. Also, the free shipping was top notch since it is about 40 lbs. I also received it within a week even though I ordered it on a Saturday. You won't be disappointed, I wasn't. I am going to put some reflector tape on it just for safety reasons since it is black. I do wish that all 3 arm heads would lock but I'm sure if I ever really need that I can contact discount racks and buy a couple more or I could use regular bike locks. I hope this helps you decide to choose this item for your cars and bikes.


Bill from CA wrote (May 16, 2016):

We have used our Apex three bike trunk rack four times now on our 2013 Subaru Forester. Each time we traveled over 800 miles at freeway speeds up to 85 mph through heat, cold, hail, and pouring rain. the rack has never caused a single problem. We have had the rack loaded with three bikes and have had no loss in tension from the strap buckles. The rack is easily adjustable to keep the rack centered on the car and to keep all the bikes centered. There has been no damage at all to the rear bumper or hatch. The upper clips fit onto the ONE roof rack rails and give an added measure of security. In seconds I can loosen the straps and lift the entire rack off the rear of the car, bikes and all, with only one assistant. It can just as easily be put back on. I was skeptical about a trunk type rack but now I'm sold! Thanks for a well designed, manufactured, and packaged product.

5 Stars 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Rack

Audrey from MI wrote (October 05, 2015):

At first, I wasnt sure because you do have to lift the bike up high to place in the wheel platforms. But I love it!! Once I became use to it and bungied the front tire, it was easy to do. Rack is a bit heavy but very sturdy and bike is totally secure on it.

5 Stars plate form bike carrier

Ed from IL wrote (July 26, 2015):

The carrier-BC-6315 2Q is well made and easy to assemble. Attached to Toyota Highlander without a problem. The tie down system is secure and the sliding tire wells accommodate both our bikes witch are different sizes. Have not had any problems yet when driving-mainly just city driving.

4 Stars Heavy Duty

Michael from IL wrote (July 15, 2015):

I am overall very happy with this rack so far. The tubing is very heavy duty and feels as if it should hold up well. Assembly was easy and it seems to have a well engineered point s of hold down.

4 Stars Heavy Duty

Michael from IL wrote (July 04, 2015):

One reason I selected this brand was a comment of it being heavy. True it is strong, thick steel tubing, not at all light weight, as you often expect from overseas. Assembly was easy and with a helper to assist with lifting it onto the back of our Toyota sienna van, it surely is stable. Accommodates our bikes very well, three bikes required some maneuvering but it is very possible. Overall satisfied with this model (BC-6315-3Q).

5 Stars plate form bike carrier

Laura from PA wrote (May 21, 2015):

I bought this as a Mothers Day gift for myself from my four child so that we could all go bike riding together.One of the best family time investment I've made. I was able to build it myself with out and probems, easy to read instructions. It was also very easy to attach it to my van. While driving with 3 bikes on the bike rack I felt safe that it was not going to fall off. It attaches to the van very tightly. Because I bought this bike rack me and my family where able to spend good quality time together on Mothers Day.

4 Stars Non Hitch Bike Carrier

Craig from NJ wrote (September 28, 2014):

The unit installed easy enough and performed as would be expected. What was a nice surprise is that the unit was able to support my over sized 29 inch cruiser even with the erratic curves of the frame.