How To: Properly Use Soft Loops

Proper Use of Soft Loops for Tie-downs and Strap Hooks:

Soft Loops make quick and secure strap tie-down connections, protecting the surface in the process. By looping inside itself, the soft loop creates a very stable cinch that is less likely to slip or slide along the tie-down point during travel and where the tie-down straps may be subject to heavy vibrations. It is highly recommended to use soft loops in any tie-down situation where it is imperative the surface does not get scratched.

Step 1: Wrap the soft loop around the desired tie-down point

Step 2: Insert a loop end completely through the opposite loop end

Step 3: Pull the inserted loop tight for a firm hold. This will cinch the opposite loop tightly against the surface.

Step 4: Insert the strap hook into the soft loop end previously pulled through.

Click on the step-by-step diagram below for an image explanation of how to properly use a Soft Loop for Tie-Downs and Strap Hooks then check out our low prices on quality tie down straps.


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