UTV Handle / Hand Hold

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2 Year Warranty

Convenient UTV grab handles make it quicker and easier to enter or exit any UTV. Available to fit almost any roll cage, these UTV hand holds are a must-have to hold on when going through the field or forest.


Convenient UTV handle from Classic mounts to any UTV with a roll cage. Adjustable straps fit onto the roll cage to make it easier to enter or exit a UTV. Heavy-duty ProtekX™ Extreme fabric is used with a textured grip handle for a solid and secure hold. Two handles are included in each package to use on either side of the UTV. Each UTV handle comes in pairs and with a two year warranty against defects.

UTV Handle / Hand Hold - 1 Pair
Roll cage bars up to 1.75" in diameter

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty ProtekX™ Extreme fabric
  • Adjustable straps fit any roll cage
  • Textured grip handles
  • Two hand holds in each package


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