UTV Storage Cover

The UTV Storage Cover from Classic Accessories is available in three popular colors and comes with its own carrying bag.

1 Year Warranty
Item # Color Fits Status Price Quantity
78143 Hardwoods HD Camo UTVs with roll cages up to 120" L


Keep your UTV clean and dry during storage with the Classic Accessories UTV Storage Cover. The cover is made with durable ProtekX Fabric and is available in three popular colors. Elastic cords are sewn into the bottom hem to ensure a snug fit every time. Integrated dual air vents reduce moisture build up and ballooning in winds. The UTV Storage Cover comes with its own carrying bag and has a one year warranty.

UTV Storage Cover

Product Features

  • ProtekX fabric
  • Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem
  • Fast and snug fit
  • Two air vents prevent condensation and ballooning in wind
  • Storage bag included
  • Three colors available
  • 1 year warranty

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