H1 Aluminum GMC Savana Roof Racks

Provide additional storage space for your 1996-2013 GMC Savana with the H1 Aluminum Roof Rack from Vantech. Lightweight aluminum cross bars feature built-in channels and have a weight capacity of 250 lbs a piece.

Item # Number
of Bars
Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Year Color Status Price Quantity
H3052 2 GMC Savana 1996-13

H3053 3 GMC Savana 1996-13


The Vantech H1 Aluminum Roof Rack accommodates 1996-2013 GMC Savana vans adding rooftop storage space for ladders and other gear. Available in two or three bar systems, the lightweight aluminum cross bars have built-in channels and can hold up to 250 lbs per bar. The roof rack system includes welded mounting bases, upright posts, 11 gauge drip rail clamps, ladder guides, ladder stoppers, and an EZ Velcro Strap. The drip rail clamps screw into the base of the mounting uprights requiring no drilling for installation. Powder coated white or black to protect against harsh weather and conditions.

1" W x 2" H
250 lbs
500 lbs (2 bar)
750 lbs (3 bar)

Product Features

  • Designed fit for 1996-2013 GMC Savana vans
  • 2" x 1" Aluminum cross bars with built-in channels
  • Available in two or three cross bar sets
  • Powder coated finish (black or white)
  • Protective rubber bar guards prevent scratches
  • Tie-down eyelets on mounting bases
  • Secures with 11 gauge drip rail clamps
  • Galvanized and rubber coated drip rail clamps
  • Rubber dipped ladder guide and stoppers
  • Turn knobs adjust ladder guides and stoppers
  • EZ Velcro strap secures cargo up to 75 lbs
  • Installation requires no drilling

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