Van Rack Ladder Clamp from Vantech

The adjustable Push 2 Secure clamps hold 6" - 8" thick ladders to Vantech roof racks, keeping them secure while driving. Sold as singles.

Item # Description Color Status Price Quantity
A49 Push 2 Secure ladder clamp with 1" x 1.5" adaptor (M series)
A50 Push 2 Secure ladder clamp with 1" x 2" adaptor (H series)
A64 Push 2 Secure ladder clamp for aluminum channels (J, H3 & OE Series)


The Push 2 Secure clamps from Vantech are roof rack clamps that hold ladders in place during transit. A spring and trigger on the underside allows a user to adjust the width of the clamp to fit ladders of all shapes and sizes. There are three models of Push 2 Secure ladder clamps that fit to 1" x 2" steel cross bars, 1" x 1.5" steel cross bars, or channeled aluminum cross bars. The A49 series clamps are designed to fit the Vantech M series racks, while the A50 series clamps attach to the Vantech H series racks. Both use C-clamps to attach to the van cross bars. The third style (A64) attaches to channeled aluminum cross bars with the use of sliders. These ladder clamps are galvanized, rubber dipped on the top and handle, and powder coated in white or black for durability and protection against harsh weather.

Product Features

  • Holds 6" - 8" thick ladders
  • Black or white powder coating
  • Galvanized before powder coating to prevent rusting
  • A64 model installs into aluminum channeled cross bars
  • A49 and A50 models attach to cross bars with C-clamps


Aluminum Instruction Manual

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