H2 Aluminum Van Roof Rack System

The aluminum midsize van racks are a cargo-style roof rack system that helps keep cargo contained while driving from one site to another. The H2 cargo racks fit universally to all midsize and minivans regardless of drip rail availability.

Item # Length Width Capacity Color Status Price Quantity
H2505 72" 50" 500 lbs

H2506 96" 50" 500 lbs

H2507 120" 50" 750 lbs

H2508 144" 50" 750 lbs

H2509 72" 60" 500 lbs

H2510 96" 60" 500 lbs

H2511 120" 60" 750 lbs

H2512 144" 60" 750 lbs


Vantech's aluminum H2 Series are a lightweight choice when it comes to midsize and minivan racks. The selection of van racks include systems with side rail lengths of 72", 96", 120", and 144" with cross bar widths of 50" and 60". All midsize vehicles are capable of having these systems installed regardless of having drip rails. Installation requires bolting the mounting base to a 1-1/2" x 5" interior mounting plate (Drilling is required). Low profile side rails help keep cargo contained while in transit. The side rails and cross bars contain built-in channels that are meant for optional accessory add-ons. After installation is complete, the van roof rack system stands with a clearance of 9-3/4". The aluminum cargo racks are available in a black, white, or silver powder coating to protect against the elements and extend the life of the systems.

2-1/4" W x 1" H

Product Features

  • Available in 6', 8', 10', and 12' side rails
  • Cross bars available in 50" and 60"
  • Universal fitting for midsize vans and minivans
  • Low profile aluminum side rails
  • 2-1/4" x 1" cross bars with built in accessory channels
  • Clearance of 9-3/4"
  • Powder coated in a protective black, white, or silver finish
  • Rubber end handles
  • Interior plate mounted
  • Included stainless steel hardware
  • Drilling required


Instruction Manual

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