Wheelchair Van Ramps

We have several models of van ramps to assist you in loading a wheelchair or scooter into a full-size van, mini van, or sport utility vehicle. Many of our medical wheelchair ramps are portable or mounted, and the van ramps are available for the rear or side door of your van.

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Portable Rear Door Van & SUV Ramp

Rear Door Van & SUV Portable Wheelchair Ramp by PVI

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Portable rear door ramps for vans and SUVs
Designed for Rear Doors
Portable Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps Available In Various Sizes

600 lb Portable Folding Suitcase Style Wheelchair Ramp

5 Star
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Compact and portable ramps designed for power scooters and wheelchairs - Available 6 different lengths
Bi-Folding Track Ramps

Folding Aluminum Track Ramps

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6 and 7 ft models available both with 600 lb capacities
Adjustable In Length For The Ultimate Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Telescoping Adjustable Length Wheelchair Ramp

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Adjust in length to any loading situation! Compact portable ramp design available in multiple lengths
Adjustable TWR-9 Ramp

Compact Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp

Infinitely adjustable TWR3-9 telescopes from 44" to 9 feet long for compact storage almost anywhere! Telescopes to 1/3rd its Size
High Quality Portable Wheelchair Ramps Made in the USA for Todays Wheelchairs and Scooters

Lightweight Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramp

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Fold to ¼ its size and are available from 5-10 feet long! Break apart in 2 sections for easy transport & storage!
E-Z Access Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Trifold Wheelchair Ramps

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800 lb capacity portable wheelchair ramp
Super Low Prices
Travel Ramps Van Wheelchair Ramp

Van Wheelchair Ramp

Lightweight yet durable fiberglass ramp with non-skid tape

Compact roll up track ramps

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Rolls or folds up for transport / storage - Unlimited lengths available
Award Winning Design
Multifold Portable Wheelchair Ramps From PVI

PVI Scooter & Wheelchair Ramp

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A true multi-purpose portable ramp from Prairie View Industries.
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DiscountRamps.com offers many van ramps, scooter ramps, and medical wheelchair ramps. Our van ramps are designed to load the wheel chair or scooter from either the side door or rear door. Some of the medical wheel chair ramps can be mounted to your vehicle, while other van ramps are able to be portable so they can be used on multiple vehicles. DiscountRamps.com also offers van ramps, scooter ramps, and medical wheelchair ramps that can be folded up to help with storage, and of course each van ramp comes with free shipping!

If you have specific van ramp requirements, please feel free to give our customer service department a call and talk to one of our van ramp experts toll free at 1-888-651-3431