Vantech Convex Van Mirror

Vantech offers an 8" convex mirror to increase visibility to the rear of bulky, fullsize vans. Mirrors mount to existing eyehooks and don't require drilling.

Item # Compatibility Color Status Price Quantity
A81 Vantech
H Series Mounts
A82 Vantech
M Series Mounts


Drivers can now see behind bulky vans before backing up thanks to the convex mirror from Vantech. The reverse mirror increases visibility behind vans to maximize safety. The lightweight aluminum extension arm adjusts to the desired length and angle to fit different styles of vans. The 8" reverse mirror has a stainless steel back to protect against harsh weather. Vantech convex reverse mirrors attach to mounting base eyehooks and don't require any drilling. These convex mirrors are available to fit either H series or M series Vantech van racks

Adjustable extension arm with 8" convex mirror for increasing blind spot visibility

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum extension arm
  • Stainless steel mirror base
  • Adjustable extension arm
  • No drilling required


Instruction Manual

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