Vantech Cross Bar Guards

The plastic adhesive strip mounts to the tops of steel cross bars to prevent damage to equipment and extend the life of cross bars.

Item # Length Width Status Price Quantity
BG042 42" 3/4"
BG056 56" 3/4"
BG063 63" 3/4"
BG072 72" 3/4"
BG084 84" 3/4"
BG096 96" 3/4"
BG251 51" 2"
BG259 59" 2"
BG265 65" 2"
BG272 72" 2"


Vantech cross bar guards protect ladders or other roof top material by preventing shift during transit. The under side of the bar guard is an adhesive that lays directly onto the tops of steel or stainless steel cross bars. Bar guards are available in widths of 3/4" and 2" to fit separate styles of cross bars. The non-abrasive cross bar guards are available in multiple lengths and can be cut down to any desired size.

Cross bar guard with adhesive tape
Steel cross bars
Stainless steel cross bars

Product Features

  • Reduces scratches to cross bars and equipment
  • Extends the life of cross bars
  • Adhesive on one side for easy installation
  • Can be cut down to any desired size
  • Made for use with steel & stainless steel cross bars
  • Available in 3/4" and 2"


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