Clear VersaMAT

Excellent Ground Protection

Easy to walk on, safe to drive on and featuring a clear color to keep the grass underneath the mat from burning, Clear VersaMATS are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to traditional plywood. Plywood can retain water, warp, rot, splinter, and absorb harmful chemicals. These ½” thick mats offer dual-sided traction for both pedestrians and machinery. The high-traction flat surface is designed for heavy foot traffic and the opposite side features the rugged diamond plate surface for machinery and vehicles – providing incredible traction in all weather conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in the USA from recycled polyethylene
  • Supports vehicles and machinery up to 120-tons
  • Available in two sizes, 3’ x 8’ and 4’ x 8’
  • Flexible but will not break, each VersaMAT has a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Diamond plate traction for vehicles and high-traction cleat designs for pedestrians
  • Clear color allows sunlight through, preventing your grass from dying even during long projects

Item # Description Length Thickness Weight Status Price Quantity
CV38 3' wide Clear VersaMAT 8' 1/2" 64 lbs
In Stock

CV48 4' wide Clear VersaMAT 8' 1/2" 86 lbs
In Stock

Create Temporary Roadways with Ease

Easy to use, simply lay mats down next to each other to build a temporary roadway or walkway within minutes. Manufactured in the USA from recycled polyethylene, these mats are perfect for construction sites, outdoor venues, or wherever you need to protect the grass and landscaping from heavy machinery, cars, and foot traffic.


240,000 lbs

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