Right-Handed Wheelchair Lift Gate
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The right-to-left-swinging landing gates are placed at the top landing area where a mobility device is loading and unloaded. A call/send control and EMI locking system is included with a top landing gate.


A landing gate is installed at the highest point that the wheelchair platform reaches. Once installed, the landing gate will open from the right-to-left. A right or left swinging landing gate should be purchased based on the objects that surround the top landing area. An EMI interlock is an included safety feature that allows the lift to work only when the gate is closed and locked into position. The gate also remains locked until the platform is even with the top landing. A call/send control is included with a purchase of a landing gate. The call/send controls can be installed at the top or bottom landing areas.

Top Landing Gate w/ Interlock and Call/Send Control - RH

Product Features

  • Right-Handed operation
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • 1 year warranty


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