Vestil 1/2 Cu. Yd. Heavy-Duty Steel Hopper

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Easily transport and dump heavy loads with the Vestil D-Series Self-Dumping Steel Hopper. Simply fill the hopper, lift it with your forklift forks, and press it up against a dumpster to have it automatically dump the load and return to its upright position.

  • Automatic bumper release dumps when it contacts the side of the dumpster
  • 70° dump angle returns to upright position automatically
  • Full-length fork tube provide a solid base
  • Safety restraint secures the hopper to the forklift
This Heavy-Duty Self-Dumping Steel Hopper with Bumper Release automatically dumps when the bumper release contacts the side of the dumpster. The hopper returns to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps. A cable that may be operated from the seat of the forklift to manually dump the hopper is also included, as well as a safety restraint, which should be properly secured to a forklift before dumping. (Length Dimension is measured at top of chute.) Hopper is stackable if you stack the top hopper turned ninety degrees from the bottom.
415 lbs
6,000 lbs
8 Gauge Steel
1/2 Cubic Yard

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