Viking Deer Splitter

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Split a deer quicker and easier than ever for field dressing with the Viking Solutions Deer Splitter. This stainless steel deer splitter is small enough to carry in your pocket and powerful enough to split the sternum and pelvic bone while keeping your hands outside of the animal.

  • Splits sternum and pelvic bone with ease
  • Keeps your hands outside the animal
  • Stainless steel construction will never rust or corrode

The Viking Deer Splitter makes splitting a deer’s chest cavity and pelvic bone a breeze! This stainless steel deer splitter fits comfortably in your pocket and delivers an impressive 19X force for splitting these otherwise hard-to-cut areas. It features stainless steel construction designed to provide many years of reliable service. With the Viking Deer Splitter, you no longer have to worry about dulling your splitting knives, putting your hands inside and accidentally puncturing anything, or cutting yourself or someone else. When you’re done, simply clean it under running water. This is one tool you won’t want to go into the woods without.

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5 Stars will make dressing deer simpler

Tim from IN wrote (October 20, 2015):

I bought this because I hate using a hatchet and hammer to split rib cage....messy and dangerous. Though I haven't been able to use the splitter, it looks like a quality piece of equipment. Should save a lot of time, mess, and be safer to use, to say nothing about saving my knives.