Cross-Guard ADA Wheelchair Cable Ramp for 3-Channel Linebacker Cable Protectors

For use with the Linebacker heavy duty 3 channel cable ramps only. Connect the Cross-Guard ADA wheelchair cable ramps to the cable ramps to provide a gradual slope and slip-resistant surface to ensure a safe crossing. Manufactured to meet ADA and DDA compliant specifications.

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Cross-Guard wheelchair cable ramps are manufactured to meet ADA and DDA compliant specifications. ADA wheelchair cable ramps are designed to connect to Linebacker Heavy Duty 3-channel cable ramps to create a modular system that protects cables while providing a gradual slope for pedestrians and vehicles to safely cross over. Cross-Guard ramps are constructed from all weather polyurethane and still allow access to the cables and cords inside the protectors. The surface of the ramps are slip-resistant and molded with safety warnings. Great for use at fairs, carnivals, amusement parks or any public area where cable protectors are being used.

Please Note: These ADA cable ramps are ONLY to be used with the Linebacker HD 3-channel cable ramp. Use of these ramps on any other cable protector will result in product failure. Cable protectors sold separately.

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