Down-In-Front Wheelchair Pouch
Underseat Wheelchair Pouches

Convenient pouch to store small items such as keys, wallets, and glasses in. Mounts to manual wheelchair frames with straps featuring quick release buckles. Velcro flap covers pouch to keep items inside the bag and out of view.


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Keep a wallet, keys, glasses, or other items within easy reach with the Down-In-Front wheelchair pouch. Great for wheelchairs that don't have armrests, the Down-In-Front wheelchair bag simply straps to the framework of a wheelchair to provide a large single pocket storage compartment. A top flap keeps items inside the wheelchair seat pouch and out of view. When the additional storage space of the Down-In-Front wheelchair bag is not needed, two quick release buckles allow it to be removed in seconds. Diestco wheelchair bags are made in the USA and include a 6 month warranty. Looking for another front wheelchair cargo option? See the Wheelchair Cargo Shelf and the Wheelchair Glove Boxes. Or see our full selection of Wheelchair Bags.

The Down-In-Front Bag

Product Features

  • Mounts around the front framework of wheelchair to provide an easy to reach storage pouch for small items
  • Works great with wheelchairs that do not have armrests
  • Top Velcro flap keeps items inside and out of view
  • Quick release buckles allow the wheelchair bag to be quickly removed when not needed
  • 6 month warranty
  • Made in USA

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