Scooter Carrier Swing Away Kit
Swing Away Option For Sc-400 & Sc-500

Now you won't have to remove the scooter carrier from your vehicle just to open the trunk, hatchback or drop the tailgate. This swing away kit equips your SC400-V2 and SC500-V3 carrier with the additional capability to swing to the side of your vehicle for easy rear vehicle access. The hitch adapter configuration of the swing away adds an addiitional 3" to 7" to the rise, great for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes and providing clearance for a spare tire.

  • Durable steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Swings scooter carrier to the side of vehicle
  • Allows rear vehicle access
  • Adds 3" to 7" rise and clearance for spare tire

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1 Year Warranty


Easily access the rear of the vehicle by swinging away the installed wheelchair carrier to the side with the Swing Away Kit. Designed specifically for the SC400-V2 & SC500-V3, the Swing Away Option features a hitch adapter configuration allowing an increased rise up to 7".


The Swing Away Kit for the SC400-V2 and SC500-V3 creates easy access to the rear hatch and trunk. Simply swing the entire unit away, to the side with the wheelchair carrier unloaded. Designed for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes, the hitch adapter configuration allows up to a 7" rise (4" with the hitch adapter and 3" with the carrier adapter). The Swing Away option also provides clearance for a spare tire with a 8-5/8" distance from the hitch pin hole to carrier with the carrier folded upright and 17-1/8" when the carrier is unfolded. The carrier MUST be unloaded for proper Swing Away use. Includes a one year warranty.

Swing Away Kit for increased access to the rear hatch or tailgate of your vehicle (Raises carrier an additional 3" to 7" higher)
54 lbs

Product Features

  • Increases access to the rear of vehicle - swinging entire unit away, to the side
  • Hitch adapter configuration enables up to a 7" rise
  • Designed for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes
  • Provides clearance for a spare tire
  • Carrier must be unloaded for proper Swing Away operation
  • One year warranty


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)


5 Stars scooter carrier swing a way accessory

Gene from CA wrote (January 16, 2015):

1. Allowed the carrier to clear spare tire in folded storage mode. 2. Allows ability to fully open back door and full access. 3. Height adjustable for ground clearance. Changes incline of ramp as expected which may be problematic for some. 4. Ease of operation. 5. Cantilevered setup will experience some sagging after extended usage requiring some lifting to clear frictional forces between the segments when opening and closing the swing a way. Grease is necessary between the segments.