Scooter Carrier Swing Away Arm

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Now you won't have to remove the scooter carrier from your vehicle just to open the trunk, hatchback or drop the tailgate. This swing away arm equips your SC400-V2 and SC500-V3 carrier with the additional capability to swing to the side of your vehicle for easy rear vehicle access. The hitch adapter configuration of the swing away adds an additional 3" to 7" to the rise, great for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes and providing clearance for a spare tire.

  • Durable steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Swings scooter carrier to the side of vehicle
  • Allows rear vehicle access
  • Adds 3" to 7" rise and clearance for spare tire


Easily access the rear of the vehicle by swinging away the installed wheelchair carrier to the side with the Swing Away Arm. Designed specifically for the SC400-V2 & SC500-V3, the Swing Away Option features a hitch adapter configuration allowing an increased rise up to 7".


The Swing Away Kit for the SC400-V2 and SC500-V3 creates easy access to the rear hatch and trunk. Simply swing the entire unit away, to the side with the wheelchair carrier unloaded. Designed for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes, the hitch adapter configuration allows up to a 7" rise (4" with the hitch adapter and 3" with the carrier adapter). The Swing Away option also provides clearance for a spare tire with an 8-5/8" distance from the hitch pin hole to carrier with the carrier folded upright and 17-1/8" when the carrier is unfolded. The carrier MUST be unloaded for proper Swing Away use. Includes a one year warranty.

Swing Away Kit for increased access to the rear hatch or tailgate of your vehicle (Raises carrier an additional 3" to 7" higher)
54 lbs

Product Features

  • Increases access to the rear of vehicle - swinging entire unit away, to the side
  • Hitch adapter configuration enables up to a 7" rise
  • Designed for low-to-ground vehicle hitch tubes
  • Provides clearance for a spare tire
  • Carrier must be unloaded for proper Swing Away operation
  • One year warranty


Instruction Manual


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Review Summary (Based on 6 Reviews)


5 Stars Swing Away Arm

Kay from TN wrote (August 12, 2016):

My husband had a stroke in 2014 and he was able to install the swing away arm into our hitch and also the mobility carrier as well. Both items were made by the same company and both came from Discount Ramps within the last year. We have been nothing, but thrilled with this company and their products. Whenever we have had a problem they have been very quick to handle it and make things right.

4 Stars It works, but not very well on my car

Melissa from FL wrote (February 08, 2016):

Scratch and dent it wasn't, it was like new. I bought this so I could still get into my 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe while I had the wheelchair carrier attached to my car. The swing away arm works well except it doesn't quite swing away enough. My hatch back door scrapes the arm unless I push all my weight against the arm, then it barely has enough room to clear the arm. It's easier for me to lower the ramp and open the hatch back door. So while the quality is great, I'm sorry it doesn't work better on my car.

5 Stars solid and easyuse

Len from NJ wrote (August 07, 2015):

we brought the swing away arm (along with the SC400 Ramp) for a member in our church who recently lost the use of her legs. The swing arm is easy to install, its heavy duty but also easy to move. With the swing arm you have full access to your vehicle.

5 Stars need different sizes

Angela from WA wrote (May 06, 2015):

Rage needs to offer different sizes for this great product. I have an 02 Windstar & this S/A is too short by 8". I bought both the S/A & the 500 rack And although I am a disabled senior, I had very little problem assembling & installing the 2 units but was very disappointed to find I could not open my rear hatch even with the unit swung away. The S/W offered is only suitable for the Cute uts or small hatchbacks but not the standard minivans or SUV's. I have plans to have the unit I have altered to fit. I have a friend that is a certified Class A welder so I will have it lengthened by 8" & reinforced by sliding 2 pieces of heavy walled 1.250 square stock into the 2 bars & plug welded together before welding the 2" square stock extensions in place. I had to make my residence in Wa. but actually live just above the 49th near Blain Wa.

5 Stars SwingAway-V2 SC 400

Frank from FL wrote (January 29, 2015):

I already had the ramp and rack for over a year,i needed the swing away for my new 2015 Nissan Rouge ,it arrived 3 days from the day i placed the order There was one part that the bolts were welded crooked , I called at 8 P.M. on a Friday night , and a young man Kirk Dumancih answered he was a great help we sent him 3 emails with pictures of the of the part ,he forwared all of it to customer service , i called the next day on a Saturday at 10 am , Janet Knoeck of customer service said she got all the in formation and is sending the new part right away the part came 3 days later and they did not want the old part back , You could not ask for a better bunch of people , GREAT GREAT love to all at Discount Ramp Thanks To Kirk and Janet Frank of Florida

5 Stars scooter carrier swing a way accessory

Gene from CA wrote (January 16, 2015):

1. Allowed the carrier to clear spare tire in folded storage mode. 2. Allows ability to fully open back door and full access. 3. Height adjustable for ground clearance. Changes incline of ramp as expected which may be problematic for some. 4. Ease of operation. 5. Cantilevered setup will experience some sagging after extended usage requiring some lifting to clear frictional forces between the segments when opening and closing the swing a way. Grease is necessary between the segments.