Create a convenient and safe tie down point on a wheelchair with this simple webbing loop. The loop wraps around the wheelchair frame, making it easy to attach a tie down hook wherever you need. Available in blue or black.

  • Wraps around a wheelchair frame to create a more convenient tie down point
  • 14" loop with a durable crosshatch sewn seam
  • Available in blue and black


Wrap around the wheelchair frame to provide a more configurable tie down location without needing to wrestle a tie hook into place. These 14" soft loops are a great solution to making wheelchair tiedown systems far more diversified.


Q'Straint Wheelchair Tiedown Webbing Loops add a variety of possibilities to connecting wheelchair tiedown systems to the wheelchair frames. These 14" soft style loops have a rugged design with a durable cross-hatch seam and simply loop around allowing tiedown hooks to be used in places they wouldn't otherwise work with. Available in Blue and Black.

Product Features

  • 14" Tiedown Soft Loop design
  • Available in Blue and Black
  • Durable cross-hatched sewn seam
  • Diversifies possible tiedown hook locations

Review Summary